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Meet Magento - the largest ecommerce conference has taken place in Poznań

Meet Magento  is a cycle of meetings taking place all around the world (from Vietnam and Japan, to Europe, to the US and Southern American countries). This conference is thematically oriented around e-commerce, international trade, as well as the development of entrepreneurship and of the Magento platform itself. Magento is an open source tool used by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad. The platform’s unusually rapid growth is largely connected with the strong community which has been formed around it - the specialists supporting one another, the experts sharing their knowledge and the programmers creating add-ons and modules for the platform itself.



The two-day event was held on October 19th and 20th in the area of Concordia Design. For the very first time, this year’s fourth edition of the conference took place in Poznań (the previous Polish editions have been held in Warsaw). During this two-day meet-up, the organizers’ focus was even more strongly set at the exchange of expertise between the speakers - from Poland, the US, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Croatia, the Ukraine, Slovakia, Italy - and the event participants. Nearly 300 people took part in the meet-up, and almost half of them were guests from abroad. On the first day of the conference, after the lectures and speeches have concluded, a “legendary” afterparty was held, filled with surprises and attractions for all the participants.



Meet Magento is an exceptional undertaking, carrying immense benefits for the broadly understood regional business development, and most of all for online shop owners, programmers, management staff as well as for companies providing e-commerce services. The stimulation of this industry is directly reflected both in the increase of service quality, and in the e-commerce entrepreneurs in many aspects of this intensively changing business.


All indications are that the following edition of the conference will also be held in Poznań, which we all very much hope for.


For more information, go to the event website -> Meet Magento


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