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Poznań Photoplasticon - first exhibition in 2019

Travel 100 years back with Poznań Photoplasticon

Poznań Photoplasticon 

In the Cultural Information Center, in a historical building from 19th century, after short break Poznań Photoplasticon has been run again. First photoplasticons were created by August Fuhrmann in the end of 19th century and has been called Kaiserpanorama. They were primarily used as a fair attraction, however during Great War found its use as a tool for propaganda.
The machine works with stereoscopic photos. Two, almost identical pictures overleap each other creating the impression of 3D effect. Even though today this technique does not surprise us, 100 years ago this was a huge entertainment.

It is hard to ascertain how old Poznań Photoplasticon is, but we know, that it survived second world war, after which changed its place few times, eventually landing in Cultural Information Center on Ratajczaka Street in Poznań.





Gleams of Freedom      (until May 31st)

Show is being watched on one of the 24 seats, by special holes, while pictures automatically move in front of your eyes.


First exhibition in new localization takes us 100 years back to the events of I world war, after which Poles regain their independence. This fits our 100th anniversary of getting back our freedom. You will see pictures of wave of death and destruction that flowed through Europe at that time. Although, you must remember that because of censorship most of death scenes were staged by soldiers of winning army.


There are only three still working photoplasticons in Poland: in Warsaw, Łódź and Poznań. Even in Europe there are not many left.
The exhibition is to be seen until 31st of May.





Location: Cultural Information Center, ul. Franciszka Ratajczaka 44, Poznań

Opening hours: Mon  – Fri 10:00 am – 7:00 pm | Sat 10:00 am – 5:00 pm | Sun closed. Last admission an hour before closing.

Price list: regular  5 zł | concession 2 zł | family 10 zł | group (10 and more people) 20 zł for the whole group.



Text: Norbert Zieliński

Fot. Norbert Zieliński

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