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Bistro la Cocotte - French home cooking

Bistro La Cocotte serves highly praised and appreciated home-style French cuisine. On the menu there is the crowd-pleasing onion soup, foie gras or mussels, with duck confit and beef bourguignon also stealing some spotlight. Despite its relatively small menu, there is much to choose from, and the taste of the dishes served at La Cocotte takes you on a journey to faraway France. In autumn of 2015, the restaurant has been awarded by the French culinary guide, Gault & Millau.


French cuisine might be associated with elegance, sophisticated flavours, expensive wines and waiting staff in white gloves - but this is by far not its only side. And thankfully so, as the elegant, “big occasion” style is not everyone’s cup of tea, or, indeed, glass of Merlot.


In its roots, traditional French cuisine is one derived from poverty, and is not alone in this provenance. Most local, traditional and rustic cuisines are based in cheap, widely available, local produce. Hence, some world cuisines serve potatoes, some serve rice, and some - beef and seafood. This variety of produce, the traditional ways of preparing and pairing it, is a grand heritage all in itself, and in this day and age of globalisation, has become a treasure.


La Cocotte serves home-style French cuisine, such as today’s elderly French people remember from their family meals from the times of their childhood. It is characterised by simplicity and hassle-free presentation. There are no fancy squiggles or geometric patterns on the plates, much as they would not appear on plates of hearty food served by our dear grannies.



On the menu there are quite a few of the die-hard French classics many of you have heard of. The aforementioned onion soup, foie gras or mussels are just some of the dishes which have found their ways into the hearts and stomachs of those visiting the cozy interiors of La Cocotte. The quality of service and food is consistently overseen by one chef - the same one who has been twice already awarded by the inspectors of the French culinary series, Gault & Millau, with a mention in their world renown “yellow guide”. The restaurant has become part of the group of elite recommendations in 2015, and has managed to keep its spot in the following 2016 edition of the book.



La Cocotte can be visited without any special occasion or a pocketful of cash. For a coffee, for a bite, for a glass of wine - the informal atmosphere and lovely, open staff will ensure a nice experience. The latter will gladly explain what home-style French cooking, and Bistro La Cocotte, are. Your adventure with French cuisine can begin with a two-course lunch, available at less than 20 PLN. This is a real bargain, considering the exquisite quality of the food served at the restaurant.


Bistro La Cocotte
Murna 3, Poznań
www.bistrolacocotte.pl | tel. +48 600 441 769 | poznan@bistrolacocotte.pl


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