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A steak at Lumiere

Lumiere Restaurant has opened in May of 2016. Rumours of its creation have circled months before the opening - word on the street was that the talented Jakub Kasprzak would be the chef, and that the restaurant would be located in a place owned by Edison Hotel. Today, this elegant restaurant offers excellent steaks from aged Polish beef. Meat is seasoned on the spot, before the guests’ very eyes, and Lumiere is unselfconsciously battles over the name of Poznań’s best steak restaurant.

Jakub Kasprzak - the chef


Many people have been awaiting the premiere of the Lumiere project with much anticipation. Edison Hotel was thought to be a little past its glory days, so the announced restaurant seemed the more interesting. The fact that the changes in the interior design were not merely cosmetic was a nice surprise. The owner decided to do a complete renovation, and the result surpassed the highest of expectations.


Lumiere is located 13 km from Poznań International Fair (MTP).




A bright, spacious hall, entered from the hotel reception, can fit up to 70 people. The guests also have a charming mezzanine at their disposal, as well as the adjacent conference room and a playroom for children. The glassed wall of the restaurant looks out onto the patio and a new playground for the kids. The area around the hotel is a 5 hectare (12 acre) park. Apart from the hotel and restaurant, there is also a banquet pavilion and and an all-year tent with an event capacity of up to 400 people. The hotel also has its own free parking facility.



 The restaurant is open from midday. The kitchen closes at 10pm.


Lumiere’s chef has put his restaurant’s focus on meat. In its seasonally changeable menu, the only constant is the steak of seasoned Polish beef. Kasprzak chooses the meat to be served at Lumiere himself, and also oversees its aging. Upon entering the restaurant, a glassed, cooled case is impossible to miss. It is there, before the guests’ very eyes, the meat becomes tender and concentrates all its aroma. It is thanks to the aging process, the steak served here can compete for the title of Poznań’s best. The aging takes between 2 and 3 weeks, but the most experimental bits have been aged at Lumiere for around 100 days. During this long process, the meat loses weight. On the way to the plate, a steak loses nearly half of its original weight. What is more, that very meat, aged with the bone, is a basis for soups and sauces.


The meat is seasoned on the spot, for 2-3 weeks, in 1-2 degrees Celsius.


If you are not yet ready to buy quality steak, start your adventure with Lumiere with a Reuben sandwich. This New York classic is a rye bread sandwich served with sauerkraut, beef, cheeses: Cheddar and Comté, and sauces. There is 200g of beef in this beauty! It is a brisket, pickled for a week and slow cooked for 2 days. The excellent, filling sandwich is only 29PLN (~EUR 7) and is the perfect excuse for the first of many visits to Lumiere. Another great “first” is the wild boar sausage, served hot.



The menu is of course not only meat, meat, meat - there are soups, salads and fish dishes too. They are naturally just as excellent as the rest, but it is the meats that give the restaurant its unique character. Lumiere, as it is expected of a fine establishment like this, offers a wide wine selection, eight of which are available by the glass.


The children’s playroom lets you enjoy the meal and the company of your little ones.  


Chef Jakub Kasprzak is known from his participation in the Poznań Chefs Together initiative (read here: Poznań Chefs Together in The Time Poznań). It is an initiative bringing together chefs who run well known and liked restaurants in Poznań. The idea of their joined cooking sessions has appeared during a dinner accompanying Transatlantyk Festival, and has resulted in further culinary meetings, hosted consecutively by Zagroda Bamberska, restaurants Cucina and Bazar 1838 and Pałac Mierzęcin. The fifth dinner in a row took place at The Time restaurant, the sixth planned between April and May of 2017 in Lumiere.


"Poznań Chefs Together" - dinner at The Time

Come and visit!

Restauracja Lumiere

Wypoczynkowa 60, Baranowo, 62-081 Przeźmierowo

www.restauracja-lumiere.pl   |   tel. (+48) 697 101 511   |   rezerwacja@restauracja-lumiere.pl


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