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Ośla Ławka - a top grade experience!

Protractors, a blackboard, measuring cylinders and herbarium pages. Wait a second - are we back at school? No, it is Ośla Ławka (“naughty corner”; in Polish, traditionally a separate school bench or seat at the back of the class where unruly or misbehaving pupils were placed) - a small restaurant in Poznań’s Taczaka street. The receiver of praise and recommendations of the culinary guide Gault&Millau Poland for 2018. Undoubtedly, this s a place worth your time and dime. Come to think about it, everything here is a little bit different - in a good way, of course. If you visit Ośla Ławka once, you are sure to come again and again. We definitely will!

Ośla Ławka at Taczaka 23 in Poznań has been open since October of 2015

(... and it gets tastier with each passing month)


Ośla Ławka is a petite restaurant, located at Taczaka street in Poznań. It is not the first restaurant in this location, so its opening did not occur with a thrill of emotion. What we remember from our first visits is the characteristic architecture of the place was adorned with gadgets “stolen” from a primary school around twenty years prior. Textbooks, maps, drafting triangles and old copybook covers brought to mind the past school years - a distant past, for us anyway. The idea itself was not too spectacular, but it had its definite charm. It provided a welcome change from the ever-present Oriented Strand Boards. The dimmed lights and unobtrusive, pleasant music allow to focus on the food and to slow down a little. That’s right - the food! This is what we came for, after all.


Cream of baked carrots with goose sausage, yoghurt and roasted seeds


The dishes served in Ośla Ławka provide the rare feeling that the chef knew exactly what he wanted to do and then did precisely that. The food is gentle and natural, very consciously arranged, tasty and interesting and for this very thing, the chef deserves high praise and a round of applause. The dishes served at Ośla Ławka require a lot of concentration from the cook. The smallest imperfection would disrupt the fragile balance or - worse! - make them bland. However, the chefs do pull it off and the food is truly excellent.


Cauliflower on browned butter with bread crumbs, vanilla miso, candied lemon and rosemary


Some attention must also be devoted to the presentation of the food, as there are no fireworks there. The plate arrangement is esthetic - and that is all. No pyramids, blotches, mists or smoking covers - it is all just… very pleasingly simple. Of course, there is no harm in impressive presentation, but too often the soup served by an ensemble of four waiting staff with an accompaniment of Debussy’s Marche  Écossaise is merely alright at best. Here, the opposite is true. Simple at first glance, the food is better with each bite. It is lovely to experience food which excellent aroma and taste.


Buttered bread (this is no mistake - that’s the dessert’s name on the menu)


Peace and quiet - this expression describes Ośla Ławka best in our opinion. The plates don’t scream with color, the waiting staff don’t grind their teeth, the music isn’t blasting and Facebook isn’t yelling each morning (although, the menu posted there is very up-to-date). All that matters, appears as soon as the first fork- or spoonfull lands in your gob. A true culinary pleasure in the unique Ośla Ławka style.



We do hope we have talked you into visiting Ośla Ławka. Anyone who appreciates tasty food and like to have the full picture of the goings-on in the gastronomy market should definitely give it a try. It is worth keeping in mind that the restaurant is only open in the afternoon hours of the day, and we might not be the only ones who would like to drop by. What we mean is - a table might be more difficult to come by without prior reservation, but also then the friendly and accomodating staff will surely do their best to help out.



See you at Ośla Ławka! Enjoy!


Ośla Ławka

Taczaka 23, 60-101 Poznań   |   phone no.: +48 535 466 477   |   www.facebook.com

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