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Spring at Avocado

Spring has sprung in Poznań suddenly, brightening up the faces with wide smiles. All it took was a couple sunny days for the moods to improve and thick winter clothes to end up at the bottoms of the wardrobes. The restaurants have also taken note of this weather break and cooked up nice springy menus. Who on Earth would want to eat the heavy, winter food in this glorious weather?

Asparagus and ricotta - grilled asparagus with buttermilk, dried egg yolk, homemade rosemary ricotta and mashed peas.


In a rather unfortunate twist however, the weather played a trick on us and the sunny days were over after less than a week. The memory of spring seems so distant now in the minds of Poznań residents. Luckily, spring is still here on the menu pages - and there, it continues to be sunny, in spite of the gallons of water coming from the sky and the cold gusts of wind. And thank heavens for that - we are so sick of the winter menus and the restaurants’ new offer is the long awaited breath of fresh and light air.


Baked gilthead bream - freshwater gilthead bream, grilled spring onions, butter sauce and broccoli.


Where can the spring menu be found? In most Poznań restaurants. What we did was visit Avocado and show you a part of their spring menu. Spoiler alert - it is fresh, tasty and very, very green.


See the full spring menu in Avocado: menu Avocado spring 2017


Gnocchi - homemade dumplings with caramelised sunflower seeds, spinach confit, broccoli and goat's cheese sauce.


It is the perfect time for a reminder that Avocado prides itself in a prestigious mention in the Gault&Millau culinary guide.


The Gault & Millau guidebook is one of the world’s two most prestigious publishing series (next to Michelin), reviewing the culinary market. A place on its pages cannot be bought, and a visit from an assessing inspector cannot be scheduled in advance. The rating system is based on a combination of points and chefs hats. Restaurants mentioned in the guide have received at least 10 out of the 20 possible points. After surpassing that threshold, restaurants are additionally awarded between 1 and 5 chefs hats. In a nutshell, the more hats, the better the mark from the Gault&Millau professionals.

The name of the guidebook comes from the names of its creators, two culinary critics. They were Henri Gault (1929-2000) and Christian Millau (1965-). Its difficult French name should be pronounced as: [go e mijo].  


Tagliatelle - handmade pasta with mussels, asparagus and celery with white wine.


See you at Avocado!

Bon appetit!