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Codebreakers - International Cryptology Game

Gather a team and try your skills as a codebreaker of Enigma!

The Enigma

In the beginning it was used for commercial purposes, later machine was put to use in the armies of several countries. World War I proved, that traditional, manual encryption method became impractical - in contrary to human errors, machine guaranteed speed, accuracy and security of the message encryption processes. The machine invented by Scherbius was capable of generating an unimaginable number of combinations and had a huge advantage over anything else so far encountered by cryptographers. 
In January 1929, Department of Mathematics of Poznań University organised a cryptology course. Three, most talented students were chosen to take part in secret training: Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Różycki. In the end of 1930 they created an ambitious team working for  Polish military intelligence.  
In the next years, Rejewski, Różycki and Zygalski created a copy of Enigma and a set of devices accelerating decryption. At the same time, they were regularly decrypting German messages. In September 1939 they were forced to run away to France, where they continued their work. 


Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki, Henryk Zygalski. source: public domain



The game


This was a long time ago but now you can try your luck and play as a codebreaker yourself. 
The team which will be the first to set the Enigma rotors correctly in Team Panel and create the word ENIGMA, wins the game and the main prize. Teams should consist of 3 people. There are no limits of the players age.

Three levels of difficulty will provide a lot of fun for beginners, as well as for initiated and, what is more interesting, you can go through trial, beginner and adventure levels, developing skills with the course of the game. It is available in 4 languages: Polish, English, German and Spanish. The tasks are presented in English.













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