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Museums and exhibitions - free or discounted entry

On Saturdays or with Poznań City Card, admission to many museums and exhibitions is FREE or DISCOUNTED. Here are some of them.

ICHOT Porta Posnania
ICHOT Porta Posnania is Poland’s first heritage interpretation center - with Poznań City Card, a discount of 33,33% is available. Thanks to the interactive multimedia exhibition, you can learn about the fates of Poznań’s Cathedral Island and the beginnings of Polish statehood. You can follow the mapped sightseeing trails with an audio-guidebook. Next to the basic excursion program, a games and activity-based program has been developed specially for children.


Archaeological Museum
The only authentic ancient Egyptian obelisk in Poland, tools used over a dozen thousand years ago by the first settlers of today’s Greater Poland region, face-shaped burial urns - this is just a fraction of the Museum’s unique collection of historical treasures. A great part of the exhibitions is interactive, and visitors can try their hand at creating a rock engraving or try on a Medieval knight's chain mail shirt - on Saturdays and with Poznań City Card, the admission is free.


Archdiocesan Museum
The museum presents religious art which shows the understanding of beauty throughout the centuries, from the Middle Ages to the modern times - with Poznań City Card, admission is free. The museum’s great asset is a collection of gothic art - including the largest collection of 14th and 15th century sculptures and paintings in this part of Poland.



Museum of the History of Poznań
If you want to know more about Poznań’s history, be sure to check out this very museum - on Tuesdays and with Poznań City Card, the admission is free. The exhibition showcases the history of the city from the 13th century to 1945. Among the museum’s most precious exhibits are a 13th century gilded and enamelled bishop’s staff from Limoges, a table clock with Poznań’s coat of arms (1575), as well as 1651 cobblers’ guild rummer. The city’s 16th century development is shown in the Royal Hall.


Museum of Musical Instruments
The only such museum in Poland and third largest in Europe, with a collection of instruments from all over the globe - on Tuesdays and with Poznań City Card, the admission is free. The pearl of the exhibition is the collection of 16th-20th century lute instruments, including the violin of Marcin Groblicz (Cracow, ~1600), Dankwart, as well as the instruments by the Italian masters. An extensive collection of pianos and a set of wooden and brass instruments are also on permanent exhibition.


National Museum in Poznań
In the Ancient Are Gallery you can see a series of Roman imperial portraits, unique in Polish collections. In the Polish 16th-18th Century Art Gallery, there is an equally unique collection of coffin portraits. On the first floor, there are the collections of Western European art, and the only collection of Spanish paintings in Poland. In the Museum’s collection there is also the only Claude Monet painting in Poland - Beach in Pourville. Be sure to pop by the Polish Art Gallery to see the largest assemblage of the works of Jacek Malczewski. On Tuesday and with Poznań City Card, the admission is free.

Museum of Armaments
The museum is located in the originally preserved former bomb shelter - on Tuesdays and with Poznań City Card, the admission is free. Here you can find an exhibition of military accessories, documents, photographs, plans and relics from the fortress buildings of Poznań Stronghold. Be sure to see the permanent exhibition’s main attraction - the outdoor military equipment park, with over a dozen military vehicles, planes, helicopters, tanks, heavy guns and mortars. The oldest exhibits come from the early 19th century.

Genius loci Archaeological Reserve
If you are interested in 10th century wooden and earthwork fortifications built by the first settlers from the Piast dynasty, be sure to visit the Genius loci Archaeological Reserve - on Sundays and with Poznań City Card, the admission is free. You can also see the remains of a fortification investment from the 16th century. Innovative exhibition solutions, a system of multimedia visualisations and holographic presentations as well as a 3D technology film make this unique place even more interesting.






Museum of Applied Arts - on Tuesdays free (inculding the observation tower)

Museum of Poznań Army - on Tuesdays free

Museum of Poznań Uprising 1956 - on Tuesdays free

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