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Potato Museum of Poznań

New museum has risen on the tourist map of Poznań. We present you Potato Museum of Poznań!

Poznań – land of Saint Martin Croissants, own dialect and… potatoes, called in the region „pyra” (Polish name is „ziemniak”). This distinctive for the Wielkopolska region plant had to wait for its very own museum for quite a while. Finally though, it’s here – right in the heart of the city. Let’s see what Potato Museum of Poznań preapred for its visitors.


The location is a big plus. The place is set on Wroniecka Street 18, which is one of the three side streets on the north wall of the Old Market Square. It’s only two throws away from the Town Hall. Remeber however that the entrance you will find on Mokra street, right around the corner. Behind the door there is a coat room and two maps showing how potato is called in different regions of Poland and Europe. Also, inconspicuous plants may catch your eye. It turns out they are different types of potato leaves.






Downstairs, you can find little book shelf with publications about potatoes and exposition of old pictures presenting things you do with potato: digging up, peeling, seeding… 
The visit happens in groups, with a guide and it starts with a little workshop, where you season your own potato. Then, it goes straight to the oven and ready product can be taken home. Eating it is not advisable.





During an hour-long visit we get to know amazingly rich history of the bulb. Gotten used to the potatoes as our daily food we forget that it’s been only few centuries since potatoes came to Europe. Moreover, it took 11 327 kilometers to drag them to the Old Continent. So, the trail tells the story of coming potatoes to Europe and how they spread around the world. They recall the story of Jan III Sobieski (who brought potatoes to Poland) and explain why the plant got its attention only in 18th century. Also, two cabinets include examples of different kinds of the bulbs.







Another elements of the visit is a simulation of digging up the potatoes or Bar Pod Pyrą showing usage of potatoes in a kitchen. We get to know the worst enemy of potato – potato beetle. Surprisingly, it didn’t come to Europe with potatoes. It’s been dragged here only in 19th century. Some people in Poland still remember picking them up on the fields because of the plague in communist times.





There is more to uncover than what has been told above. To widen the knowledge one need to find the Wroniecka Street 18 (entrance on Mokra Street). The visiting happens at every full hour from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm (last admission at 5.00 pm), from Tuesday till Sunday. Tickets cost 18 zł adults and 16 zł concession. There is a possibility of an English tour. In case of questions the contact number is +48  609121611.


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Text: Norbert Zieliński

Phootos: Norbert Zieliński

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