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GearUP! Simulator - an attraction which takes you to the clouds

Many of us travel frequently by plane. It is also one of most comfortable ways of reaching Poznań - Lawica Airport is a mere 8 kilometers away from the Old Market Square! But - have you ever dreamed to pilot a commercial aircraft? Now, thanks to the GearUP! simulator, you can!

GearUP! is located in Kwiatowa street, about 5 minutes walk away from Stary Browar. This place is above else a flight simulator. Upon entry, you see faithful replica of the Boeing 737 cockpit with nearly 600 switches and around 250 indicators, clocks and controls. Under the watchful eye of your experiences instructor, you can gain your first stripes as pilots and find out what goes on "backstage" in an aircraft.



GearUP! is also a cafe where you can enjoy a steaming cup of coffee in an air-plane seat, among souvenirs and publications related to - of course - aviation.

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