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November 11th Święty Marcin Street 2017

In Poznań, November 11th - Polish Independence Day - takes on a very special form. One of Poznań’s main streets - Święty Marcin Street - celebrates its name day.  A colourful parade merrily rolls through the city, with both locals and many tourists enjoying the world famous Saint Martin’s Croissants. This exceptional holiday has become Poznań’s trademark in comparison to other cities as well as a proof that such occasions can and should be celebrated not only in a formal way.

Shared fun and joyous celebration on one of the city’s main arteries is something to be expected during this year’s merry proceedings. Based on the many previous experience the organizers have put together a whole range of attractions for Poznań residents and guests. The celebration will commence with a traditional, colourful parade which, at exactly 13:30  and lead by St. Martin himself, will march on from Rondo Kaponiera to Zamek Culture Centre.




At 2pm, at Centrum Kultury Zamek, the ceremonial handover of the keys to the city into the hands of St. Martin will take place. Afterwards the stage will be taken over by musicians - among them Dikanda, Orkiestra Prowincjonalna and Raz Dwa Trzy. This celebration will last till 9pm and its crowning will be a fireworks show.



Poznań’s sweetest symbol and a memento of St. Martin is the Croissant. According to the most popular version of the story, the croissants were baked to feed the poor, and their shape is to resemble a horseshoe of St. Martin’s faithful steed. During St. Martin’s namesday celebration, Poznań bakeries and confectioners’ sell as many as a few hundred tonnes of this delicacy. According to tradition, it is on this very day that they taste the best.



Another thing worth mentioning is that the St. Martin’s namesday each year is a chance to support those in utmost need. Throughout the day, many charity organizations will present their activities and aims to the general public, in the hope to raise awareness and provide support to their charges.


For a detailed description of event's schedule please visit:  CK Zamek (Polish only)