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Polish Dance Theater - Poznań Ballet

Poznań Dance Theater is a place which prides itself in crossing generic, technical and stylistic boundaries. The Poznań troupe’s attractive repertory offer, a new, original language of dance and the modern theater format have come across very positively all over the world. 

Poznań Dance Theater was created in 1973, with initiative and support of the city authorities and Poznań’s art community. The establishment implements its keynote premises of promoting the art of dance and spread the ballet culture in and outside of Poland. It searches for new theater spaces and bases its craft on the creative improvisation during the process of creation.Poznań Dance Theater organizes the International Modern Dance Workshops and International Dance Theaters’ Festival. 

Polish Dance Theater - Poznań Ballet
ul. Kozia 4
61 - 835 Poznań



tel. +48 61 852 42 42
tel. +48 61 852 40 08
fax +48 61 853 23 70

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