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Mamasitas is the first place in Poznań where you can try genuine Tex-Mex cuisine. For those who don't know - that's the combination of Texan and Mexican culinary traditions. Only here will you find real, fresh tortillas made from scratch - we're the only restaurant in Poznań with its own tortilla oven. We make sure our dishes are prepared from fresh, original ingredients.

Why Tex-Mex? Because one of our owners, Giovanni Mejia, grew up in the heart of Tex-Mex: Midland, Texas. There, under the eyes of great chefs and cooks, he discovered the flavors of this very curious and intriguing cuisine.


What do we recommend? With all certainty the specialty of our restaurant: Fajitas. That is grilled vegetables served on a sizzling hot iron skillet, either with chicken, beef, prawns or vegetarian - with tortillas and sauces. The secret? Marinade. Makes the whole dish an unforgettable experience.


But what else? There's the always popular Mamasitas Special, Quesadillas, Tex-Mex Burger (with beef or vegetarian) and many more, including our new appetizers: Houston Rolls and Potato Skins.


To accompany our dishes we offer a selection of dressings and sauces in varying degrees of spiciness: salsa a la Diablo, salsa Chipotle, salsa Fresca, or salsa Ranchero. They are all prepared by our chefs according to original recipes!


If you want to try authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, sample the taste of Midland, San Antonio, Dallas or the best New York Tex-Mex restaurants, drop by the Mamasitas restaurant.


But! Mamasitas is not only a place to eat some delicious food. It's also a fantastic place to meet with people - we do our best to make sure that our guests can always feel good and be at ease, that they can drink good coffee, read a book or have a drink (we especially recommend our Margaritas).


It's Latino music - every weekend we organize live concerts. We want Mamasitas, and the whole Taczaka street, to teem with life!


See you there!

Taczaka 24
61-819 Poznań

tel. +48 61 225 77 55

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