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NIFTY No. 20

NIFTY No. 20; your new favourite place to eat, drink and socialise.

This fresh contemporary café, bar and kitchen, located at PURO Poznan, has an individual and eclectically curated interior and identity.


Over a plate of food we taste, we talk, we communicate, we date, we think, we share thoughts and ideas. In other words, over a plate we come together.


Look around you at Nifty No. 20; from the centre of your table, to your meal, your conversation and the walls. Plates, a traditionally Polish object, are the centrepiece, in a number of playful designs and forms, highlighting the unique, own able and collective nature of NIFTY NO. 20. Curated and sourced from all over the world, the plates are antique, traditional, contemporary, romantic, simple, complicated, from every era and every country.


Whether you’re local or a hotel guest, NIFTY NO. 20 is on your doorstep serving contemporary classic cuisine.

NIFTY No. 20
Żydowska 20
61-761 Poznań


tel. +48613331160

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