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Poznań Feast Tour

Poznań Fest Tour is the first tour in Poznań which combines a guided tour with tastings of traditional food. Created by city guides at City Event Poznań agency, it combines sightseeing with discovering culinary traditions of the Greater Poland province.

The guide – dressed up in Polish historical costumes – takes the group to a few restaurants around the Poznań Market Square, where traditional Polish and local food is served. Apart from tasting the food, you will also learn about its history, ingredients and recipes.
But there is more to the visited places than food. Each visited restaurants has a unique historical design and its own history in some cases dating back to 16th C. For instance, one of the restaurants resembles a Polish peasant hut, another is located in an 18th C. cloister room. The guide will introduce the place so that you can appreciate its value to the full.

Humor dominates the atmosphere of the tour. You will take part in competitions, you will hear historical anecdotes or take part in demonstrations reviving forgotten culinary traditions. And don’t worry about the meal sizes – they are big enough for the tour to replace a huge dinner.

  • Languages: Old Polish, English, German, Spanish
  • Duration: 2.5 h
  • Max group size: 30
  • Vegetarian food available
  • Menu can be altered on request.
Poznań Feast Tour
Święty Marcin 29lok.8
61-806 Poznań


tel. +48 608 284 208

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