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Park Dzieje

Park Dzieje - a family entertainment and education park, Pa truly unique place where everyone can travel in time.

On the weekends, feature shows with reenactment groups on horseback can be seen, presenting events from many different time periods. Animators offer various playtime and competitions for children. Park Dzieje offers a wide selection of shows, workshops and performances. Visitors can participate in Old Polish feasts, see the doll theater and also make their own souvenirs - wreaths or knights helms. There is also a mini zoo, a knights playground and an archaeological sandbox. Organized groups upon previous individual arrangements.

In June and July, you can see Poland’s largest nighttime outdoor historical reenactment "The Eagle and The Cross". Over one thousand historical characters, three hundred actors, a stage the size of six soccer pitches, mappings, water screen projections and impressive light effects – historical reenactment "The Eagle and The Cross" transports the audience into a poignant and exciting 90-minute journey through Poland’s history. The spectacle will also not disappoint history buffs.

Park Dzieje
Bracka 9
Murowana Goślina



tel. +48 609 547 205

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