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Artur Szwacki in Flavoria Restaurant!

Artur Szwacki’s cuisine has impressed us very much from the very first time we came upon Flavoria’s new menu. Our surprise was even greater as this visit was not planned or announced in any way - to put it plainly and honestly, we did a wee bit of spy work. The attractively looking dishes turned out to be equally delicious. The chef and- as we could later see for ourselves - also his team has shown a constantly high level in their cooking and so far, they have been very much able to maintain it. If Flavoria with chef Artur Szwacki at the helm is not yet on your radar, it is high time to make it so. Our suggestion is to start with the very reasonably priced lunch menu!


Flavoria is the IBB Andersia Poznań hotel restaurant, located on the first floor of an impressive skyscraper. It is not well visible from the street and so not many people know about its existence. IBB Andersia is a hotel and conference complex which, apart from the aforementioned restaurant, also includes a swimming pool, a SPA and a casino. Hotel guests and conference participants know it well and have given it much praise. It is often described as a four-star hotel with a five-star standard.




Why is it that we bring up Flavoria? Well, firstly because, due to its first-floor location, it does not immediately pop out when viewed from the street level. Secondly because the elegant halls and spacious reception area of the hotel can be slightly intimidating. When we talk about the new menu, we will say again and again - despite all of the elegance and sophistication, Andersia is a laid-back place with no excessive swank. You can just turn up in short without any worries whatsoever, and leave the rest to the friendly staff and the talented chef. This place should definitely be on your list of restaurants worth visiting and returning to.


Artur Szwacki - the chef of Flavoria, IBB Andersia hotel restaurant in Poznań. He acquired his culinary experience in Poland and abroad - in Greece and Ireland, among others. You may have encountered Artur’s talents during his previous employment at City Park hotel in Poznań (at CUCINA) where he worked as a sous chef. He has participated in such competitions and events as the prestigious „L’Art de la Cuisine Martell”, “Transatlantyk” film festival’s Poznań edition, the Chefs’ Dinner at Cucina or the first edition of “Poznań Chefs Together”. He is currently the executive chef at IBB Andersia hotel and Flavoria restaurant.


What will we find on the menu? Everything a hotel restaurant is expected to serve - European style dishes with hints of regional cuisine and noticeable oriental influences. The result is excellent! The menu has a seasonal addition, as well as a vegan and children’s section.



The quality of food served at Flavoria comes as no surprise at all. We rightfully expected full professionalism and sweeping correctness. Today we can say it is much, much more than that. The menu has a style and character, not to mention its highest technical level. It is also simply tasty and interesting. It is not only fun to eat, but also surprising in the originality of its composition. A huge round of applause for this restaurant which refuses to be merely the hotel’s “food and beverage service”, but insists on a quality which allows it to be one of its biggest assets.


What about the price tag? Well, expect to be pleasantly surprised. In spite of hotel restaurants usually having the reputation of being slightly on the expensive side, Flavoria’s offer is quite reasonably priced which, in conjunction with the high quality of the food and service, we have no quarrel with whatsoever.



The new “Lunch of the Day” at Flavoria! Choose, mix, arrange your own menu with tasty starters (12 PLN) and mains (18 PLN). The two-dish set is 25 PLN, the drink is 3 PLN. Offer available Monday to Friday between 11am and 6pm. Book at +48 61 667 8081.


The two-dish lunch menu costs 25 PLN, and the drink with the set is an additional 3 PLN. The a’la carte prices are of course slightly higher, in the usual range of other popular Poznań restaurants. In our humble opinion, Flavoria’s offer can easily compete in comparison with the most interesting premium quality establishments, and against them the price list in Flavoria is quite attractive. So, how much will a meal cost? Starters are at 28-38 PLN, soups 14-24 PLN, pastas 37-46 PLN, mains 36-96 PLN and desserts 21-24 PLN. The hearty portion size will please even the most demanding gourmands.



See the menu a'la carte of Flavoria: menu Flavoria.


See you there!


Flavoria – Hotel IBB Andersia

pl. Andersa 3, 61-894 Poznań

www.andersiahotel.pl/restauracje-i-bar/flavoria   | www.facebook.com/andersiahotel   | phone no. +48 61 667 80 81   | andersia@andersiahotel.pl


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