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Poznań Tours

We invite anyone and everyone wishing to know more about Poznań than they could find out from traditional guidebooks to try our guided tour offer. Themed walking tours, golf cart and vintage bus and tram rides are just some of the options. Poznań guides will do their absolute best to show you Poznań professionally, earnestly and with passion.

Tour guides always make sure to engage both the older and the younger tour participants by selecting the most attractive locations filled with interesting stories, beautiful architecture and unique landmarks. A golf cart or vintage bus ride will definitely make the city sightseeing a lot more memorable.

Below, we present a selection of various guided tours:

- free tours

- paid tours

- custom paid tours

- rides

- tours during various events





  • PoPoznaniu.pl Tour Guide Group


dates: June – September (Saturday, Sunday)

duration: 1.5 h

start: 12:05pm,  at the steps of the Town Hall





From the start of May till the end of September, each Saturday and Sunday after the performance of the mischievous billy goats on the tower of the Town Hall, the PoKoziołki walking tour begins. On Saturdays, the guide offers a tour of the Old Town, and on Sundays the tour leads from the Old Town to the Imperial District. The duration of the walking tours is around 90 minutes.


Additionally, on each Saturday of July and August there is Podwieczorki - themed evening tours which start in front of the Town Hall at 6pm. Tours are in Polish ONLY. 

 7.07 The Frivolous Tour - Poznań in anecdotes and with a grain of salt

14.07 Wartime Poznań

21.07 In the footsteps of Wielkopolskie Uprising

28.07 Unknown histories of known places, or what the traditional tours cut for time

4.08 Paris to the right, Berlin to the left or how to see half of Europe without leaving Poznań

11.08 Landscape after the battle - postwar Poznań

18.08 Poznań in love

25.08 Parks and squares - green and urban planning



The tour schedule can be subject to change.

The walking tours usually take place regardless of weather conditions and the number of participants. There is no reservation required. Tours are available in Polish only and are operated in the “free walking tours” convention; if the participants are happy with the service, tipping the guide is encouraged.


>> More information HERE << 


  • Free Walkative Tour


dates: all year round

duration: 1,5 h

start: 11:45am, in front of the Town Hall





The very popular initiative of free guided tours (based on tips) can be found in most big cities - from Krakow to Wrocław to Lviv, and now also in Poznań. At 11.45 am, right outside the Town Hall, look for the yellow umbrella - this will be your tour guide. In 1,5h you will learn the most important information about the Old Town. No reservation required, but the organisers aim at smaller groups, so larger groups are recommended to book the tour in advance. Important info: TOURS IN ENGLISH ONLY.


>> More information HERE <<


  • Themed tours in the Royal-Imperial Tract


dates: May – September (Saturdays)

duration: 2 h

start: 5pm





In the Footsteps of the Jewish Heritage

dates: 5.05, 9.06, 21.07, 8.09

start: 5pm, square in front of the Cathedral

A guided walking tour of the Jewish Heritage Trail in the Royal-Imperial Tract, during which the participants will take a closer look at the centuries-long coexistence of the Christian and Jewish culture in the capital of Wielkopolska, brutally broken by the World War II period and together discover the traces of Jewish presence in the city.


The Poznań Trail of Women

dates: 26.05, 30.06, 28.07, 18.08, 22.09

start: 5pm, corner of Dominikańska and Szewska, the Old Town

A guided walking tour of the Poznań Trail of Women in the Royal-Imperial Tract. The participants will find the heritage of great women who played a vital and independent role in the city’s herstory.


The Reformation Heritage Trail

dates: 2.06, 14.07, 11.08, 1.09

start: in front of the All Saints church at  no. 1, Grobla St.

A guided walking tour of the Royal-Imperial Tract, following a route between two former protestant churches, present in Poznań’s urban space to this day. Participants will seek out the places which commemorate former protestant communities living in the capital of Wielkopolska, as well as their material and immaterial heritage.


The Tract of the Wheel

dates: 12.05, 16.06, 7.07, 4.08, 15.09

start:  the square in front of the Cathedral Lock (free passes available an hour before the tour at the Cathedral Lock info point)

In the more than hundred years of tradition of the Poznań “kołownicy” (cyclists), the tour organizer introduces the bicycle into the space of the Royal-Imperial Tract. All you need is an operational bicycle - your own or a rental. The tour starts at Ostrów Tumski via the Warta riverside and the Old Town to the 19th century city center.


 The tour schedule can be subject to change.

Each tour participant receives a themed folder, also available for download HERE (POLISH ONLY)

Additionally, in July and August two more special evening tours are available: “Zmroczna wycieczka” (the Dusky Tour) and “Katedra - instrukcja obsługi” (Cathedral - an instruction manual).


>> More information  HERE << 




  • Urban Adventures


dates: all year round

duration: 2 h

start: 10:15am in front of the Town Hall, 5pm at Śródecki Market Square




Urban Adventures is finally in Poznań! Some of you may already know them but for those that do not, a little introduction to the type of unique tour services they offer. All over the world, local tour guides take people on walks to places they as tourists would not stumble upon by themselves, and which have just as much to offer as the regular historic parts of any town and city. You would like to experience the city through the eyes of a local? Discover its nooks and crannies regular tour guides omit?Urban Adventures offers you exactly that and much more.


You have a choice of “day” and “night” tours. The former are available on all days apart from Mondays and start at 10.15 am in front of Pręgierz (the Old Market Square, in front of the Town Hall); the latter are available on all days except Sundays and Mondays - starting at 5pm on the square in Śródka.


All tours are available in English, although per request Polish, French, German and Italian are also available.


Book your Poznań Urban Adventures tour with this code: "UAPOZ" and get 10% off!


>> More information HERE <<


  • Visit Poznań


dates: all year round

duration: 2.5 h






The local guide group will be delighted to show you the ins and outs of Poznań. The walks are usually around two and a half hours long and are reasonably priced. Available in English and Polish.


>> More information HERE <<


  • Stary Rynek Tourist Information Point

Working with the creme de la creme of tour guides, the Tourist Information Point in Stary Rynek in Poznań offers the booking of guided tours via email (by filling an online form) or on the spot at Stary Rynek 59/60. The language range is very wide and includes Polish, German, English, Russian, French, Spanish and even Japanese. The route of the tour as well as the starting point are agreed upon directly with the guide.


>> Online form and price list available  HERE <<



  • City Guide Poznań

A group associating many city guides. Passion and competence  go hand in hand in an organised guided tour from City Guide Poznań.


>> More information HERE<< 



  • City Event Poznań

City Event are experienced guides, with hundreds, if not thousands of satisfied tourist customers on their books. Unusual themed tours will familiarize visitors with the culture and traditions of Wielkopolska. It is worth noting that City Guide organizes the only culinary trip in Poznan, as well as tincture tasting or urban games.


>> More information HERE <<



  • Golf carts

If walking dozens of kilometers on city streets is not your cup of tea, Poznań can help with that! Small, 6-passenger electric golf carts will take you around Poznań’s most interesting historical areas; you can choose between the Old Town, the former Imperial District and Ostrów Tumski with audio guide information in Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.


>> More information HERE <<



  • Vintage trams and buses

Public transport trams and buses numbered 0 and 100 are not a mistake - they are the vintage hop-on, hop-off stock where, for a small fee, you can be transported back in time and see the city through the windows of a retro tram and bus.

In the 2018 season, a guided retro vehicle rides are also available. The line 0 operates with a guide on May 13th and 27th, June 10th and 24th, July 8th and 22nd and August 12th and 26th at 12.45pm, 2.45pm and 3.45pm.

Evening rides starting at 9pm are available on the following Saturdays: May 5th, June 2nd and 30th, July 14th and 29th, August 18th and September 8th.


>> More information HERE (POLISH ONLY) <<




Many recurring events organised in Poznań also come with a guided tour offer. The schedule and offers are subject to changes so it is worth keeping a close eye on them.

- Poznań for Half Price

- Night of the Museums (POLISH ONLY)

- Poznań Stronghold Days




Of course there is more to any city than its streets - individual locations also allow guided tours. Themed guided tours available in Porta Posnania or the Night Tours of the Imperial Castle are just a selected few of the many initiatives around Poznań. For more information, be sure to follow the calendars and updates from the locations themselves.


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