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Catering for business

In the event business there is a saying - no matter how well your event is organised - the crucial factor most memorable to the participants, and influencing the overall impression is, of course, the food. Anyone who has ever tackled the organisation of banquets and formal galas, but most of all trainings and conferences lasting many hours, knows how impossible they would be without a simple coffee break. With those people in mind, we have put together a list of recommended caterers, who can provide highest quality service, aligned with the character of the event and the number of its participants.


The number in parenthesis at the name of the caterer means the maximum number of people the given caterer can provide services for.


Below the descriptions, there is an example of the company’s largest catered event.



Bo.Poznan (500)

ul. Święty Marcin 80/82, Poznań


 Borys Fromberg I 61 226 78 65 I bo.poznan@gmail.com


"Świetlica” is the place located at the heart of Poznań- in the Imperial Castle popularly called Zamek. The whole building is situated on the Saint Martin street- a main central street in the city of Poznań. From the very beginning of its existence „Świetlica” cooperates with numerous cultural facilities, academic centres and event agencies. Very often „Świetlica” takes part in various events, which take place throughout the city. It also accompanies many parties which are arranged in very prestigious places such as Poznań International Fair, Polish Theatre or Raczyński Library. „Świetlica” organizes catering wide-scale;  starting with  intimate meetings and conference lunch breaks, ending with big banquets for  hundreds of people. Besides hot drinks, cocktails, desserts and cakes you can also expect lots of dishes (also for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free food). “Our individual attitude to customers’ needs and the attention to even smallest details make the taste of our dishes delicious. The taste and the atmosphere of this outstanding place stay in memory for a long time.” – say customers and guests of „Świetlica”  


Sample events: two days catering for ToastMasters, which took place in June 2014 Culture Centre ZAMEK. Service coffee breaks, breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 days for 200 people.


fot. Świetlica Catering



Weranda Catering & Events (2000)

ul. Perzycka 10, Poznań


  519 340 881,  catering@werandafamily.com


We have been tending to our Guests at Weranda Restaurants for over 15 years. We know how to take care of our Clients that is why we decided to branch out to events organisation. Catering for trainings, conferences and team-building parties, events and all sorts of business meetings - Weranda Catering&Events will gladly undertake every task. What we offer are delicious, beautifully served dishes and unique decorations for the venue – everything aesthetic, full of atmosphere, discreet and tasteful! Check us out  – www.catering.werandafamily.com


Sample events: catering for clients such as Allegro and Volkswagen.


fot. źródło weranda catering & events



Concordia Taste Catering & Events

ul. Zwierzyniecka, Poznań


 Maciej Pustkowiak, 607 450 014, m.pustkowiak@concordiataste.pl


Meals served in laboratory trays or in eco-friendly packaging? Entire menu in corporate colours or with references to the theatre play your guests are about to watch? Everything is possible here! We can cater for both small private meetings and for events attended by several hundred people. We organize press breakfasts, business lunches, corporate and holiday parties, banquets, cocktail parties, etc. Always with an eye for top quality and great taste! We can offer catering services on-site or in any location selected by our Clients and Partners.


Sample events: for example, each year we cater for the Transatlantyk and Malta festivals.


fot. źródło Concordia Catering & Events



3kolory Catering & Events  (2000)

ul. Obornicka 55a, Suchy Las


  +48 600 439 667 I catering@abckuchni.pl I www.3-kolory.pl


3 Kolory Catering & Events is the result of ABC Kuchni’s 25 years of experience. Taking up challenges is a passion of ours. There are few things which limit the possibilities of our operations. We are able to tackle any and all of your most original ideas, making even the most unusual and creative ones a reality. A professional chef, an experienced team of culinary enthusiasts, following the most state of the art trends and a professional catering supply base all guarantee a perfectly planned event, menu and waiter service.


Our biggest projects include the President’s Gala with President Bronisław Komorowski and the Mayor of Poznań, Ryszard Grobelny (600 people), the 10th edition of Polish Culinary Cup (800 people) and many others for up to 1500 attendees. 


fot. dzięki uprzejmośc 3kolory Catering & Events



Every Event Catering & Event Service (outdoor up to 3000, banquet up to 2000)

ul. Park Mielżyńskich 1, Iwno, Kostrzyn


 Piotr Kuchciński, 601 815 791, piotr@every-event.pl


Excellent work organization, appropriate professional background paired with many years of experience have enabled us to earn the trust of our clientele and we can proudly say that their circle is continuously growing. Creating the culinary setting for the most diverse events has been our utmost honor and challenge. We have a wide range of cold buffet options as well as fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and seafood dishes. We recommend our delicious canapes, tartelettes, raw salads as well as semi-prepared products, farinaceous foods, soups, sauces and hot dishes. 


Some of our sample events include the opening of Poznań City Center - 6 thousand people, autumn of 2013 and the SAMSUNG team building event - 3500 people, Poznań International Fair, 2014.


fot. dzięki uprzejmości Every Event Catering & Event Service



Taspol - Chilli Catering & Events

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Paw. 14, Ul. Głogowska 14, Poznań


 Anna Maria Spendowska+48 61 869 23 28, mobile: +48 606 428 289, catering@taspol.pl , anna.spendowska@taspol.poznan.pl, www.taspol.pl


For almost 30 years we combine passion, professionalism and the need to fulfill even the most sophisticated culinary desires of our guests. Thanks to the event organized by us you can improve your own business success. We adjust menu for each type of event, location, season and individual tastes. We pay special attention to the quality of the ingredients, which are preparing our dishes - promoting healthy food from local producers, using natural spices, based on old traditional recipes ... As the official catering operator of Poznań International Fair (MTP), over the years we have successfully worked both for celebrities and thousands of visitors during various trade fairs.


Sample events:

- five times service during Gala of Polish Economic Awards with the participation of Presidents of Poland

- three times service during Gala of Polish Cardiac Society for 4,000 people


fot. Taspol Chilli Catering & Events



Powozownia Catering (10 000)

ul. Lutycka 34, Poznań


 Michał Sondej+48 667 777 713, restauracja@powozownia.pl


“Powozownia” has been operating a catering service since 2006. They have the experience, the highly qualified staff and the gastronomy background - all the necessary tools to perform these services professionally, dependably and on time. The restaurant offers catering services for both intimate, dedicated house parties as well as for large-scale company banquets for a few thousand attendees.


Some of Powozownia’s sample events include the VIP Night Motor Show 2015 and 2016, as well as the Presidential Banquet for the 1050 Years of The Baptism of Poland with President Andrzej Duda at Poznań International Fair.




Gastro Królscy i Gebru SP.J.

ul. Lutycka 34, Poznań


 Maria Królska600 879 992, historia@krolscy-gebru.pl


Why us? We simply have loved what we do for the last 20 years and that translates to the impeccable quality of our catering services as well as our relationships with those willing to use them. The founder of our company is Maria Królska who, since the very beginnings of her professional career, has been dealing with gastronomy. Her qualifications, her passion, her calling and her love for the business have enabled our company to always provide our clients with the best quality service.




VIP Catering

ul. Św Marcin 87, Poznań


  +48 61 856 89 43, mob. +48 601 418 556, 


Today our priority is the express service maintaining the highest product quality possible. We offer both large event and intimate banquet service. Our guarantee is tasty dishes and trained staff for events such as feasts, parties, trainings, symposia, conferences and others. Poznań is where we are well known for our quality services.




Estella Catering (up to 2000)

ul. Węgorka 20, Poznań


 61 861 85 01, catering@estella.pl


Estella catering, headquater in Poznań is owned and operated by three persons Piotr, Janusz and Jarek. They have been in catering and restaurant business for 25 years. Three restaurants, Poznań, Baranowo, Suchy Las and catering service in and around Poznań.


Sample events: we catered thousands of events of all sizes (smallest for couple and biggest for 25 000 guests). Corporate event for 2000 guests or family dinner, business lunch or barbecue party, indoors or outdoors, Estella Catering is ready to serve. Just ask. 


fot. Estella Catering



Last uptade: march 2021


Aleksander Rudawski

Poznań Convention Bureau 

e-mail: a.rudawski@plot.poznan.pl


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