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Opening of Pavilion 8A

On March 3rd the Pavilion 8A at Poznań International Fair (MTP) was ceremoniously opened. The event was joined with the Złoty Medal - Wybór Konsumentów (Gold Medal - Consumers’ Choice) gala and gathered over 1500 guests from all over Poland.

New possibilities
MTP is the biggest trade fair and business center in Poland, and the new pavilion 8a is a part of the hall and pavilion complex which has been nicknamed “the four-pack”. The four-pack consists of pavilions and halls: 7, 7a, 8 and now 8a. One of the main ideas behind the reconstruction of the complex was joining it with pavilion 15, where Sala Ziemi (Earth Hall) is located. Joining pavilion 15 with “the four-pack” has increased MTP’s organisational potential significantly. Today, conference and convention events which are organized at MTP can be aimed at as many as 15 thousand participants.


Pavilion 8a was created in place of former Pawilon Szwajcarski (Swiss Pavilion)


The new pavilion 8A in numbers
The pavilion’s construction work continued on from June 2013. The new facility is 2801 square meters in floorage and is designed for the construction of state-of-the-art multi-storey stands, even up to 10 meters high. The building is also connected with pavilion 15 by an above-ground vestibule, allowing access to Sala Ziemi without the need to go outside.


The vestibule between the four-pack and pavilion 15 is over 6 meters wide and 72 meters long.

The opening was attended by representatives of MTP as well as many guests. The symbolic cutting of the ribbon was performed by Sejm Deputy Speaker Eugeniusz Grzeszczak, the President of Poznań Ryszard Grobelny, Chairman of the Board of MTP Andrzej Byrt and Wechta S.A. Company Chairman Dariusz Wechta.


Symbolic cutting of the ribbon


After the official ceremony, all the guests made their way to Sala Ziemi, where the Złoty Medal - Wybór Konsumentów (Gold Medal - Consumers’ Choice) gala took place. As part of the entertainment, the guests had the pleasure to watch and listen to actors of Teatr Roma, who showed their musical repertoire. The gala was hosted by the journalist Tomasz Kammel, one of Poland’s most beloved event hosts.


View from pavilion 8a to pavilion 15


Welcome to Poznań!




Information on conference and meeting organization at MTP:
Sabrina Żymierska, tel.: + 48 61 869 21 31, e-mail: sabrina.zymierska@mtp.pl

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