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Conference and meeting organizers cooperation outline

We invite you to cooperate with Poznan Convention Bureau.

1. Event presentation/PCB briefing
2. Organization possibilities assessment with regards to the organizer's requirements
3. Choosing and consulting the date of the planned events
4. Framework pricing of commercial services
5. Determining the extent of non-financial support on the part of PCB
6. Choosing potential service providers and pricing negotiation
7. Organizational support during the course of the event

1. Event presentation/PCB briefing
The first step of cooperation with Poznan Convention Bureau is a short presentation of the conference organizer's assumptions and requirements. It allows to define the scope of work undertaken by the organizer and the degree of its advancement. It is also a starting point to establishing the nature of potential cooperation with PCB. For a presentation of the planned events, please contact the PCB office:


Poznan Convention Bureau  
Plac Kolegiacki 17, 61-841 Poznań, Poland
tel: +48 61 878 5887, fax: +48 61 878 5696
e-mail: pcb@plot.poznan.pl

2.  Organization  possibilities  assessment  with  regards  to  the  organizer's requirements
A common clarification of the organizational requirements takes the form of a detailed written inquiry. Determining the organizer's needs allows to relate the event's scale to the organizational capabilities of local MICE market. At this stage, the organizer receives a response  to  the  question whether organising the  event is  possible due to infrastructure, technical and logistical requirements.

3. Choosing and consulting the date of the planned events
The choice of timing is one of the key organizational elements. We will check the availability of conference and accommodation facilities on the dates of query. An early date consultation will also allow the organization of the project in "low season" dates and provide an opportunity for a significant reduction in organization costs.

4. Framework pricing of commercial services
At the conference organizer's request, PCB will send inquiries to service providers selected with the organizer. Framework pricing of project organization allows to relate the estimated value of the services to organizer's financial possibilities. Further price negotiations, modifying of the proposed terms and signing of contracts takes place directly between the organizer and individual service providers.


5. Determining the extent of non-financial support on the part of PC
PCB provides organizational support to persons and institutions responsible for the organization of conferences and meetings. The scope and form of support depends on the nature of the project and the needs of the participants. Support includes,  in


  • Support and assistance in contact with urban institutions,
  • Assistance in obtaining the official patronage of events,
  • Assistance in contact with the media for the dispatch of press releases, organizing press conferences and media patronage and support of PR based activities,
  • Preparation of the city's printed and electronic promotional materials,
  • Providing access to photo and promotional video database to be used by the organizer,
  • Presentation of conference and hotel facilities and the leisure offer (site inspection)
  • Installation and operation of the tour desk in custom locations (conference rooms, exhibition halls, hotels, etc.)
  • Installation of welcome desks at Ławica Airport (POZ), sponsored by PCB,
  • Partner selection and contact with partner entities, offering special participant service conditions (eg, dedicated culinary offer and leisure)
  • Organization of themed tours and drawing participant dedicated hiking paths (also in foreign languages),
  • Exposition of organizer-provided city promotional materials with the use of outdoor information carriers, sponsored by PCB,
  • Identifying websites, electronic guides and mobile applications useful to participants during their stay in Poznan.

The given list serves just as an example, and does cover all possibilities for cooperation with PCB.

6. Choosing potential service providers and pricing negotiation

Selection of suppliers is an autonomous field of the conference organizer's operations. Upon the request of the organizer, PCB may participate in price negotiations as a neutral partner. PCB's task is to research the meeting market and provide solutions that will allow to adjust the offer to the organizer's budget possibilities.

7. Organizational support during the course of the event

Organizational support during the event includes mainly servicing the information booths as well as other activities agreed upon with the organizer individually.

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