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Art galleries

Poznań’s art galleries present and sell works by Polish and foreign creators - both antique and modern. They are also the place to enjoy works by famous artists and to discover the creations of absolute beginners.


"Profil" Gallery of Modern Arts
"Zamek" Culture Centre
ul. Św. Marcin 80/82
Phone no. +48 61 646 53 21

Established in 1990, Profil Gallery of Modern Arts presents works by local and foreign artists as well as creative debuts, with a special preference towards the Poznań art world. The various fields presented include painting, sculpture, graphics, installations and objets d’art.

Garbary 48 Gallery
ul. Garbary 48
Phone no. +48 61 852 91 70

Since its inception, this gallery has focused its interest area on the presentation of modern Polish art, graphics, painting and sculpture. In 1997, the Poznań Art Promotion Association was created under the Garbary 48 Gallery, in an effort to bring together art collectors and enthusiasts wishing to promote the works of young Poznań graphics. The Association also runs separate publishing and exhibition operations.

Jarek Cechmanowicz Gallery of Modern Arts
Bazar Poznański - Pasaż
ul. Paderewskiego 7    
Phone no. +48 61 855 10 58, +48 505 370 600

As the name suggests, Jarek Cechmanowicz’s Gallery of Modern Arts presents modern art - painting, drawing, graphics and sculpture. It highlights and popularizes the creations of Polish artists whose accomplishments are well-known not only locally but also abroad. The Gallery showcases both avantgarde art and realist paintings.


ul. Paderewskiego 8 (Bazar Poznański)
Phone no: +48 61 855 10 16

The Artykwariat Art Gallery is a place where art has no set limits. Both paintings and everyday objects are presented here. The gallery has a standing cooperation with a group of experts and art restorers.


"Skowron" Gallery
ul. Wroniecka 2/3
Phone no. 61 853 01 97, 608 42 87 56, 601 73 40 59

The “Skowron” Gallery specialises in Polish paintings from the late 19th century till modern times, top quality furniture and craftwork with a focus on the art-deco style. Apart from magnificent paintings, the gallery visitors can also enjoy many everyday objects, jewelry and other designer pieces, stunning with their beauty, adding class to any interior and satisfy the needs and wants of even the most demanding collector.

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020