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Poznan gastronomy news

New restaurants, culinary premieres as well as festivals and workshops are important events in Poznań’s city life. If you would like to be up to date with all the news, check out the gastronomy news section.

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Bistro La Cocotte - french home cooking

Bistro La Cocotte serves highly praised and appreciated home-style French cuisine. On the menu there is the crowd-pleasing onion soup, foie gras or mussels, with duck confit and beef bourguignon also stealing some spotlight. Despite its relatively small menu, there is much to choose from, and the taste of the dishes served at La Cocotte takes you on a journey to faraway France. In autumn of 2015, the restaurant has been awarded by the French culinary guide, Gault & Millau.





Modra - designer folk cuisine

A small family restaurant in Mickiewicza street in Poznań is one of Jeżyce district’s hidden gems. The simple, short menu based mainly on Polish recipes transports you back in time to your childhood. Do you remember your gran’s Sunday roast? Those in Modra Kuchnia taste the same, or even better, and look amazing!



Forni Rossi - Italy with a view of lake Malta

Shopping malls have become small, self-contained cities.They satisfy all needs of their visitors, keeping them occupied for multiple hours. The presence of carwashes, playgrounds and large food courts surprises no-one. Not many of us would even consider going to a mall just to eat. Forni Rossi in Galeria Malta shopping center at Lake Malta tries to change this perception with quality, authenticity and a natural flavour.





Oskoma - full steam ahead with chef Adam Adamczak

OSKOMA is a new culinary spot in Poznań’s Jeżyce district (Mickiewicza street). Chef Adam Adamczak has overseen this project from its very inception, and on November 15th he greeted the first patrons at OSKOMA’s door. A designer menu, a very young team and an award-winning chef all on one side - on the other, the kind words of the first visitors, but also high expectations towards the chef who has proven many times before that his cuisine is the Champions’ League of gastronomy. Today, OSKOMA is flexing its muscles - and the months to follow will show whether or not it maintains its high standards.




Avocado - fusion cuisine in Jeżyce

Even though the gate at Dąbrowskiego 29 is mostly associated with the supermarket operating there, just a mere few meters into the modern, elegant courtyard there is a very interesting establishment. Avocado offers breakfasts, lunches and an interesting menu a’la carte. Our favorite time to pop in is midday, when the bright, glassed locale is filled with sunlight. Avocado is not the only food establishment in this picturesque area, and one more is about to appear.




Pulled Pork - for those hungry like wolf

Pulled pork has gained popularity all over the globe, especially in the UK and the US. Like many other foreign delicacies before it, this dish has also found its way into Poznań, and the first gasps of delight for this delicate meat could be heard resonating throughout the food truck festival. It is then that “Wyczesane porki” (pulled pork) by the crew from “Kriek” the Belgian pub has made its first appearance. Have you tried the most popular pork in town?





CookUp Studio - culinary workshops for companies

There aren’t many other activities which facilitate communication and build strong relationships better than cooking together. CookUp Studio - a new space in Poznań, perfect for incentive type meetings - was created with this exact thought in mind.







Chmielnik - the beer cuisine

Chmielnik is a well known spot for beer lovers. As one of the first establishments in Poznań, Chmielnik has chosen to focus specifically on Polish beers, and has been serving them in over a hundred varieties. Today, its extraordinary beer offer gains an equally extraordinary culinary development. Meticulously chosen pairings of the amber brew and delicious dishes have now found their way onto the Chmielnik menu.





Kombinat - Polish TAPAS in Jeżyce

Kombinat is a TAPAS BAR where bite-sized portions come at very reasonable prices. Nothing ready-made, no chemicals. Kombinat uses herbs from own glasshouse instead for artificial aromas and, in the place of fizzy drinks, produce their own lemonades. 3 PLN is all it takes to have a tasty bite, and equally as much to order a bottle of a refreshing beverage. Kombinat complements the already very interesting culinary offer of Kościelna, adding their own touch to Jeżyce’s flourishing new look.





Coś innego by HUGO - a "pyza" from a food truck 

Can tasty, regional dishes replace hamburgers? Can fast food and slow food meet at the same spot? “Coś innego” (EN “Something different”) serves Wielkopolskie pyzy (yeast-based, steamed dumpling) from the counter of a food truck while sharing their vision of a quick urban meal. Dominik Narloch from the renown HUGO restaurant has taken it upon himself to present his idea of street food to gourmands from all over. 






Poznań chefs Michał Kuter and Adam Adamczak received awards from Gault & Millau

The regional Gault & Millau Tour meeting was held on June 29th in Concordia Taste restaurant. This was the second edition of the event - the first one took place in Warsaw - and it encompassed the regions of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) and Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia). The upcoming meetings will he held in Kraków and the Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot).






Pastela - traditional & regional Polish cousine

Pastela Restaurant is Polish regional cuisine above all else. This culinary area is very dear to the owners’ hearts. Cooking is their passion, a professional challenge and a way of life. If you are planning to visit Pastela, be sure to try schab złotnicki (pork chops made from a breed of pig indigenous to the Wielkopolska region), beef tartar and Polish soups. The restaurant has three spacious rooms as well as a green outside backyard, all at your disposal.





Night of Restaurants 2015

Night of Restaurants 2015: exceptional dishes and surprising live cooking shows that night only.










Bo. Poznań

“Bo. Poznań” is a petite restaurant just a few steps away from the Imperial Castle (Zamek) - it is modern but cozy; homey but with character. Sitting at one of the outside tables, or upon your exit, you can admire the powerful mass of the Castle and its breathtaking gardens. What about the food, I hear you ask? No worries - “Bo.” is the experienced owners’ third establishment, so nothing short of professional service and knowledge of the bizz is an absolute given.





The majestic burger

Served in every corner of the city, burgers still enjoy an undying popularity in Poznań. The best players remain on top, and the newbies fight for recognition and their place in the quality fast food market. The third season of Burger Wars is upon us - here is a list of places where you can refill your batteries with a real, royal-style gut bomb.






Suszone Pomidory in Wilda

Suszone Pomidory (lit. sundried tomatoes) is a petite, cozy and bustling Italian-style restaurant in Poznań’s district of Wilda. It is definitely worth a visit, and its growing popularity and tiny size mean you cannot go wrong with booking a table in advance.






Spanish month at Gusto Food & Wine

Traditional Spanish dishes, wine tastings, live music, flamenco shows - these are just a few of the attractions to be found at Gusto Food&Wine restaurant in April.







Drukarnia skład wina i chleba - the Emporium of wine and bread

In early February 2015, "DRUKARNIA Skład chleba i wina" (lit. printing house- bread and wine emporium) has opened the second establishment of the chain in Poland - in Poznań’s Podgórna street. At the very heart of the restaurant there is a traditional bakery. Here, the bread is baked throughout the whole day, and the pastries, hot from the oven, are available from 7AM. Over 20 sorts of bread...




12 Sports Bar & Restaurant

In addition to food, what does a real sports fan need in a restaurant? The near vicinity of the INEA stadium, 200 seats and 12 TV screens on 400 square meters should be enough to quench the thirst for sport emotion. 12 Sports Bar & Restaurant is a spacious restaurant, located conveniently under the third grandstand of the INEA stadium in Poznań. On the menu there is a wide selection of soups, pastas, meat dishes and salads...




Modra Kuchnia and news from Jeżyce

Poznań’s district of Jeżyce is filled with culinary gems. More and more new establishments join the list, perfectly complementing its existing offer. Small cafes, classy fast food joints and quite serious restaurants have already made up a map of quite the density, and Jeżyce is definitely worth a culinary trip. Modra Kuchnia, Cho na ciacho or Zwierzyniecka 12 CAFE are just a small piece of the rich Jeżyce foodie landscape...




The Poznań Guide is here!

“Restaurants, bars and cafes of Poznań” is the new trademark culinary guide, containing a selection and description of, in its authors’ opinion, some of the most interesting establishments in and around Poznań. The guide consists of the characteristics of around 60 places (a total of 120 locales is mentioned) in 17 categories selected according to the tourists’ most popular questions...




Bistro la Cocotte

Bistro La Cocotte is one of the culinary discoveries of the authors of the “yellow guidebook”, the famous yearly publication by “Gault & Millau”, filled with culinary recommendations. “Bez Ogródek”, as this was the name of the restaurant when it was being visited by the guide book's inspectors, serves French home-cooked dishes. Pates, snails, mussels and fantastic desserts stole the hearts and palates of the “Gault & Millau” reviewers, who honored the locale among about twenty other restaurants in Poznań...



The yellow guide - Gault & Millau on Poznań

The new Gault & Millau restaurant guide has just arrived on the shelves. This is a good idea for a Christmas present for someone living in or going to Poznań. It is because amongst this year’s recommendations, there are over twenty reviews of establishments in and around Poznań.






Mamasitas - spicy Tex Mex in the heart of Poznań

Tex-Mex is a mix of culinary traditions of the Southern US and Mexico. What is it like? Colorful, intense and hot as hell! Mamasitas is a newcomer to the Poznań culinary market. It has only opened in September of this year, and its arrival has added a new hint of spice to the melting pot that is Taczaka street.




Winter at TASTE_it

If regional cuisine and wild game are in the area of your culinary interest, you should definitely spend the following weekend in Puszczykowo near Poznań. TASTE_it restaurant is a part of a hotel and recreational center, which has won over many guests with its exceptional design and level of services. 




Enjoy - Dominik Brodziak’s autumn menu

We have all come to expect extremely sophisticated and yet relatively simple compositions from chef Dominik Brodziak’s dishes. The seasonal autumn menu reflects his style of work, using typically autumn and winter flavours.





Autumn in FIGA

Autumn has arrived in FIGA restaurant. Chef Lech Pluciński created dishes using the richness of this extraordinary season. On the menu, there are (among others) pumpkin, beets, mushrooms and blueberries.






Season for Poultry and Forest Fruit

On Friday, October 17th, the Season for Poultry and Forest Fruit begins! The themes will include, among others, goose, balanced breeding chicken, guinea fowl, pheasant or duck which, together with mushrooms, blueberries and bilberries, look fantastic!





CUCINA restaurant’s autumn menu

Well-known to both Poznań residents and tourists, Cucina restaurant has undergone a bit of a makeover during the summer. The presentation of the new interiors is also a great opportunity to premiere the new autumn menu. Chef Ernest Jagodziński has risen to the occasion yet again, uncovering true culinary masterpieces in front of our very eyes. On the autumn menu there are orchard and forest fruit as well as mountain ash.



Korona Smakosza 2014

Another edition of Poznań’s favorite restaurant competition - Korona Smakosza - took place between October 17th - 19th. Over the course of three days, patrons were able to evaluate the restaurants they visited.





Nifty no 20 - simplicity and taste

Nifty no 20 has only one aim - the food must be simple and tasty. Polish and European classics, served by Chef Jakub Ignyś, surprise with their extreme simplicity and their intense taste and aroma. 






Wieniawskiego 5 - open for business

A new, fresh and funky restaurant to put on your bucket list. Wieniawskiego 5 is a place that many will asociate with homemade lunches at a great price. Well... the family is growing, the well know bistro got a little sister in the form of a new restaurant...





Celebrate Oktoberfest in Poznań

German cuisine, beers and fun - experience the Oktoberfest at Gusto restaurant. If you’re into beer and are a fan of German cuisine, you’ll surely be happy to know that you no longer have to travel to Germany to enjoy the different tastes and flavors of this wonderful country...




The Common breakfast table at Stary Browar

It is said that you should never skip breakfast, sticking to that rule during the busy work week might sometimes be difficult. However during the weekend excuses don’t apply anymore, so take the time and drop by Stary Browar to have a nice, long, healthy and delicious breakfast at the common table.




Poland 2014 Culinary Cup - the best chefs compete in Poznań

Poland Culinary Cup is Poland’s most prestigious culinary competition, taking place in Poznań every year since 2000. Its one single aim is to find “the best of the best” of the culinary scene. Chefs from Poznań are both amongst the winners of previous competitions, and among this year’s contenders. The competition will take place at MTP exhibition and fair center between September 30th and October 1st...



Warto nad Wartą - Polish cuisine with an exotic touch

"Warto nad Wartą" is a new restaurant that popped up in Poznań this July. The specialties you will be able to find on the menu focus on polish la nouvelle cuisine, with additional seasonal touches...







Figa - wyjątkowe miejsce na obrzeżach Poznania

FIGA Restaurant in Plewiska (a bit outside of Poznań) has been operating for over a year now. After this time it is safe to say that it has survived, is doing fine and - what is most important - it deserves much praise...






Tartak - homemade tarts and quiches in Taczaka

Tartak, the new lunch bar serving a selection of tarts and quiches, has opened in Taczaka Street at the beginning of September. It has managed to  perfectly complement the already rich offer of this nook of Poznań. Taczaka Street provides Poznań natives and tourists with a wide variety of culinary treats...





Rico’s Kitchen

Authentic Chinese cuisine with all its tastes and flavors...








September culinary news

Ok, so summer is almost over. Poznań’s streets are yet again full with school kids and busy businessmen. Also university students are slowly returning to the city and are about to start their new semester in October. Indian Summer and Autumn are an amazing time to discover what’s new on the culinary scene. Below you will find a quick review of what was going on in the city this summer. We imagine some of this news will give you a hint on where to head for a fist after summer meet up with friends and/or colleagues/classmates...





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