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Where to watch football in the bar or pub?

In Poznań you will find a dozen or so places where live sport events are broadcast.


Modern, yet small sports and billiard bar in the strict center of the city. During very important matches reservation would be a good idea.


Address: ul. Św. Marcin 45, Poznań

Telephone: +48 783 487 691




12 Sports Bar & Restaurant

Bar plus restaurant in the close proximity of the INEA stadium. 200 seats and 12 screens fulfils all the needs of every fan.


Address: ul. Bułgarska 17, Poznań

Telephone: +48 608 300 644






Fort Colomb


Inside the building of the partly survived fortification you will fill your belly with traditional beer and watch the most important football games, in the summer in the beer garden.


Address: ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich, Poznań

Telephone: +48 609 990 282





Tanner’s Irish Pub

There is a pub just near the Old Market Square, where besides irish beers and music, you can encounter the most important games of British soccer teams.



Address: ul. Wroniecka 21, Poznań

Telephone: +48 61 221 51 07





The Dubliner Irish Pub

It’s a mix of irish culture and sports events braodcast live.


Address: ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, Poznań

Telephone: +48 61 851 01 69







The club, though mainly organises professional darts tournaments, gives the opportunity of watching sports games.


Address: ul. Mickiewicza 28, Poznań

Telephone: +48 61 847 23 27





Alibi Club


250 seats, 4 screens, fan zone and beer – what else can you wish when you’re football fan?


Address: Al. Niepodległości 8, Poznań

Telephone: +48 501 535 536




Tafla Pub

Almost cult classic Tafla Pub allows to live the most important sport events and, since you’re there, to have fun in a loose atmosphere.


Address: ul. Wrocławska 10, Poznań

Telephone: +48 606 379 171


Bee Jay's
Managed with passion, posh when needed but perfect for entertainment as well.
Address: Stary Rynek 88, Poznań
Telephone: +48 515 065 461
Whiskey in the Jar
Interesting style in the best way. Additionaly, just on The Old Market Square.
Address: Stary Rynek 100, Poznań
Telephone: +48 515 720 336
Whisky Bar 88
Being part of the City Park Hotel & Residence it’s high quality but also relaxing atmosphere.
Address: Wyspiańskiego 26A, Poznań
Telephone: +48 888 321 888
Piwna Stopa
Variety of beers from 16 taps and braodcasts of the most important sport events.
Address: ul. Szewska 7, Poznań
Telephone: +48 784 442 733



Andersia Hotel - lobby/bar


Andersia cares about its guests but everyone with no exceptions can feel at home.
Address: plac Andersa 3, Poznań
Telephone: +48 61 667 80 00
De Silva Hotel Premium
In the city center, modern interior and thoughtful staff.
Address: ul. Piekary 5
Telephone: +48 61 658 80 00



Restaurant of Mercure Hotel, only 5 minutes walking from Poznań Główny train station and 15 from The Old Market Square.
Address: ul. Roosevelta 20, Poznań
Telephone: +48 61 855 80 71
In the very heart of the city plus interesting meals in a good price.
Address: pl. Kolegiacki 14/15, Poznań
Telephone: +48 577 000 148
Someplace Else
A place where excellent cuisine and loose atmosphere always go hand in hand.
Address: Bukowska 3/9, Poznań
Telephone: +48 61 655 20 00


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