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Coś innego by HUGO - a “pyza” from a food truck

Can tasty, regional dishes replace hamburgers? Can fast food and slow food meet at the same spot? “Coś innego” (EN “Something different”) serves Wielkopolskie pyzy (yeast-based, steamed dumpling) from the counter of a food truck while sharing their vision of a quick urban meal. Dominik Narloch from the renown HUGO restaurant has taken it upon himself to present his idea of street food to gourmands from all over. 



“Coś innego” has been leaking information about its emergence for a number of weeks. Their Facebook profile gradually uncovered the details of the project. We heard it is going to be a food truck, and that it will serve something innovatory. When it became clear that it is pyzy (the yeast-based and steamed kind), many food enthusiasts did a little happy dance. The regional pyza can be seen and eaten in many Wielkopolska homes and restaurants. No one has dared to cast pyza as the star before… And here it is, ladies and gents! Pyza - the highlight of the show!


Chef Dominik Narloch is well known to cuisine aficionados. His slow food activities in the elegant interiors of HUGO restaurant (located in the City Park Poznań complex) have been very well received by patrons and critics for many years. A creation so far off his exquisite high-end cuisine was certainly an unexpected turn of events. But wait… Is it really that far off? Paper trays surely are, as well as the food truck itself and the staff addressing the patrons by their first name. However, the food served in “Coś innego” could easily find its place on the menus of many top quality restaurants. Of course, the form is not sophisticated (pyza can be eaten with hands and is served on a paper plate) - but the taste is unmatched by anything else!



Pyza is served pita-style - as an open pocket filled with crispy, tender meat ( a choice of duck, beef or lamb), and a side of young cabbage or homemade sour asparagus. There are also a few additional designer sides to choose from. At the end, you choose the sauce - each prepared by chef Dominik himself. At “Coś innego” the food is healthy, interesting and above else - very tasty. The price range is comparable to a typical burger around town - at 12PLN a pop.



The drinks are the ideal complement to the menu. Sodas served with the addition of various fruit makes a refreshing mix, available in many flavours, including such typical Wielkopolska variations as gooseberry or redcurrant. The selection is large, which allows for a little experimentation in the search for your own favorite “Coś innego” combination.



Currently, the "Coś Innego" food truck is parked on the corner of Piekary and Św. Marcin. It might relocate to Plac Wolności. At the weekends, the truck can be found at Targ Śniadaniowy (the Breakfast Market) in parks Kasprowicza and Wodziczki.

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