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Korona Smakosza

Another edition of Poznań’s favorite restaurant competition - Korona Smakosza - took place between October 17th - 19th. Over the course of three days, patrons were able to evaluate the restaurants they visited.

Upon paying their bill, they received a questionnaire, which also served as a contest voucher. To cast a vote, patrons had to grade the restaurant by checking appropriate boxes in the questionnaire, complete the competition sentence and place the form, along with a copy of their receipt, in a ballot box, specially provided by Makro Cash & Carry, the co-organizer of the event and award sponsor. Each year, participants can win great prizes. The results of the competition will be known soon, and the winning restaurants will be awarded the Korona Smakosza statuette - an honor well recognized and cherished by restaurateurs. This year, the list of categories in which restaurants compete for the award has been extended by a new one - “regional dish”. The list of restaurants participating in this year’s edition can be found below.




Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020