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Who mixes it up in Poznań’s pots?

A short walk around the Poznań Old Town is enough to see that the city’s culinary offer is very rich. It is created by the establishments themselves, but mainly by their chefs. Who are the people whose creations tease our palates? This question is answered by the chefs themselves. Here is a glimpse at a few of the superbly talented Poznań chefs and their culinary kingdoms.

The tiniest in Poland

chef Radek Nejman (Vine Bridge)
Vine Bridge in Śródka is Poland’s smallest restaurant. All of it fits onto 27m2! - It’s a bit too little to hide from the guests - chef Radosław Nejman says smilingly. The guests don’t just come here to eat. They can also exchange ideas, and cook together. - Radek is known for his love of regional products, visually extraordinary creations and a  great sense of taste. - Artur Trando, the restaurant’s manager and waiter in one, adds. The place is famous for another thing - experimenting. This season it is solar cuisine - cooking using solar energy.

Own bread and beer

chef Paweł Rozmiarek (Brovaria)
Brovaria in Stary Rynek is one of the bigger establishments in Poznań. Its kitchen services the restaurant, beer hall, the bar and the outside garden. - I cannot spend as much time with the guests as I would like to. I always try to be with them whenever it is possible. I want to know what the guests think, because this shapes the direction of our actions. - Paweł Rozmiarek, Brovaria’s chef and two-time Polish Culinary Award winner, says. Although the place is famous for its own beer, brewed on the spot, it prides itself also on other products made there - such as the bread or… the ice-cream.

Bringing tradition to life

Ewa i Piotr Michalscy (Toga)
Ewa and Piotr Michalski, owners of Toga restaurant by Plac Wolności, cannot imagine their work in detachment from their patrons. They gladly share their experiences and acquire new ideas. This is why they have just recently made 5-meter-long pasta with the help of students from one of Poznań’s schools. Toga is a place where you can experience the best traditions of Polish cuisine. Thanks to workshops organized here on the spot, you can learn about what a “półgęsek” is (a traditional Old Polish goose dish), know the secrets of farmstead cheese or teach your kids how to set the table.

Taste matters

chef Dominik Brodziak (Platinum Palace)
Platinum Palace Restaurant at Wyspiańskiego Street is the original cuisine of Dominik Brodziak, Poland’s representative in the Bocuse d’Or international culinary competition. - My dishes are simple and clean in form. I’m betting on taste, and devote all of my efforts to just it. - Brodziak explains. When he talks about herbs, which he dries himself, or hand-made pasta, he can see the guests finding a moment just for themselves and find more pleasure in savouring his delicacies.

These are but a selected few spots on Poznań’s culinary map. It is a rewarding experience to look for your own favorite flavors and not to be afraid to ask the staff to recommend the dish of the day, or the chef’s speciality - such is the advice all of the interviewed chefs gave.

text & photo Jakub Pindych
translated by Kaja Kurczewska

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020