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Kuchnia za Winklem - Not quite a cooking show

"Kuchnia za Winklem - Not quite a cooking show" is the title of a series dedicated to Poznan's chefs. The people featured in the series are associated with the group "Poznan Chefs Together". This initiative brings together recognized and award-winning chefs who meet several times a year to cook together. Joint dinners are a field for the exchange of experience, promotion of Poznan gastronomy and support for many charities. The authors of the series decided to show the characters from a slightly different, more personal perspective. Chefs who are well-known on the culinary scene in Poznan talk about their inspirations, interests and plans for the future. Join us in watching!



Series teaser - promotional film



Episode 1: Dawid Łagowski



Episode 2: Ernest Jagodziński



More episodes coming soon! 


BONUS - photos from the set




Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020