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La Baya - a culinary journey into the heart of South America

At last - the cuisine of South America has arrived in Poznań! La Baya serves an selection of excellent dishes from this remote part of the world as well as its specialty - CEVICHE, served in a number of varieties. It has been a really long time since we have tasted something so interesting, accompanied by the commentary of the chefs themselves and the loveable staff. The opportunity to speak directly with the chef and the little show of preparing the ceviche is great fun and an exciting culinary adventure. The food served at La Baya should successfully light up even the gloomiest winter weekends. We highly recommend it!

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We have found ourselves in La Baya a bit before the official launch. They were open for business but with a clear stipulation that they were still in the process of calibrating the menu with a few finishing touches. And we must admit in all honesty that we were very impressed. It is crisp, fresh, aromatic and incredibly tasty! On the menu there is a selection of South American dishes as well as the specialite de la maison - the ceviche, available in a few varieties and prepared at the table. We sampled the Colombian PATACONES (plantain slices) with guacamole and prawns, Mexican TACOS AL PASTOR with marinated pork and cod CEVICHE. For dessert, we had the creamy caramel FLAN. In the meantime, a little bit as an experiment, we also nibbled the cassava fries and… WOW! It has been a long time since we have tried something quite like this! The possibility to speak with the chef and the little show of ceviche preparation at our table were definitely great fun and a nice culinary adventure.



Now, a few words about the restaurant’s specialty. Ceviche is raw fish, pickled in a citrus marinade (lime, lemon or orange) with toppings characteristic for the given region, such as chili peppers, vegetables, herbs and fruit. Ceviche, popular in South American countries, is also known and liked in Mexico and in each of the countries it is prepared in a slightly different way. This charming, fresh dish switches its toppings depending on the season and so there are different compositions awaiting your palate in the spring and summer than those in the winter. We cannot wait to try the upcoming versions of the delicious La Baya ceviche!



See the La Baya menu: menu


The restaurant promotes its new specialty also by the unique way of its preparation. The cook and creator of the composition of the day goes out to the guests’ table where he tells them its story, explains the method of its preparation and asks about their tastes and preferences. If culinary talk is what you like, we guarantee you an incredible adventure. The cooks at La Baya are a real fountains of knowledge about South American cuisine. We have to admit - the idea is terrific and its realisation is a great attraction for the guests. Make sure you give it a try!



Also on the menu - dishes from Mexico, Venezuela, Chile or Colombia. The full menu is available on the restaurant’s Facebook page and also there you can see the gallery with a number of impressive photos of the very dishes served at La Baya. Caution! They may cause a wave of hunger! We also recommend the freshly squeezed juices and the homemade lemonades. The bar serves an interesting selection of beers and colorful cocktails.

Keep up the good work, La Baya! You are class!


Buen provecho!



La Baya - Latin Taste
ul. Za bramką 1, Poznań
tel.: +48 884 811 911


Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020