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Modra Kuchnia and news from Jeżyce

Poznań’s district of Jeżyce is filled with culinary gems. More and more new establishments join the list, perfectly complementing its existing offer. Small cafes, classy fast food joints and quite serious restaurants have already made up a map of quite the density, and Jeżyce is definitely worth a culinary trip. Modra Kuchnia, Cho na ciacho or Zwierzyniecka 12 CAFE are just a small piece of the rich Jeżyce foodie landscape.

Modra Kuchnia (lit. cerulean kitchen) seems exceptionally riveting. The restaurant describes its menu as inspired by Polish and European folk traditions - and even at just a glance, the majority of the former cuisine is easy to spot; whether this proportion is sustained, only time will tell. On a Sunday visit, the one-page menu offers three soups, four mains and one dessert option.


Rooster coq au vin served with pyza (traditional Poznań yeast-based dumpling) is one of the dishes served in Modra Kuchnia - Mickiewicza 18/2


The soup selection on the menu consists of żur (a type of sour rye soup), chicken broth and potato soup, each priced from 12 PLN. The mains, none of which is over 24 PLN, are salmon or beef kulebiak (a type of stuffed dumpling pie) and rooster coq au vin. The dessert option is a homemade cake or pie of the day, priced at 7 PLN. With the price of a carafe of water at a mere 4 PLN, the price range of Modra Kuchnia is definitely among its many merits, as is its tasty and excellent quality food. All dishes are prepared on the spot, and no alcohol or fizzy drinks are served here - only natural fruit juices, water, as well as a selection of teas and coffees.


A friendly staff, an open-plan kitchen and a simple, bright interior introduce a relaxed atmosphere in Modra Kuchnia. It is a perfect place for a casual lunch, or a dinner with friends. Considering the great quality food and the elegant way of its serving, Modra Kuchnia is also a good choice for a more formal business meeting. It is a place which combines the unique atmosphere of Jeżyce with a reasonably priced, good quality cuisine.



“Tłok” offers cakes, coffee and tea - Żurawia 13


When thinking about Jeżyce, two new cafes immediately spring to mind - Tłok13 (in Żurawia 13) and “Cho na ciacho” (in Plac Asnyka). These are examples of places which create the perfect atmosphere for meetings, chats and a lazy afternoon hangouts. Another must-go place in Jeżyce in the lovable breakfast place in Zwierzyniecka -  Zwierzyniecka 12 Cafe.


Zwierzyniecka 12 CAFE- Zwierzyniecka 12