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Pastela - traditional & regional Polish cuisine

Pastela Restaurant is Polish regional cuisine above all else. This culinary area is very dear to the owners’ hearts. Cooking is their passion, a professional challenge and a way of life. If you are planning to visit Pastela, be sure to try schab złotnicki (pork chops made from a breed of pig indigenous to the Wielkopolska region), beef tartar and Polish soups. The restaurant has three spacious rooms as well as a green outside backyard, all at your disposal.


Polish culinary tradition enthusiasts are no strangers to the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage program logo. Pastela meticulously recreates the regional traditions, and proudly accentuates its membership in the program. On the menu there delicacies such as schab złotnicki with the bone, authentic minced beef tartar, rabbit or “półgęsek” - a very traditional dish made of cured and smoked goose breast with the skin. If you are very lucky, you will be able to taste Polish lowland lamb (Merino), which sometimes appears in Pastela as the dish of the day. Soup lovers will be thrilled to hear about the home made chicken soup, the sour-rye soup (“żurek”) or summer Gazpacho-type soups. The sour-rye soup is of course served with egg - from a free range hen.



If you yet have to discover the traditional Polish cuisine, Pastela has also a range of pastas, salads and fish dishes, as well as a few kid-friendly menu items.



If a full, solid meal is not what you are after, be sure to try some of the homemade pies and many coffees and teas from all over the globe. As a complement to menu come the regional beers and a wide selection of wines. Why is the beer mentioned alongside the desserts, you ask? Why, because of yet another culinary curiosity on the menu - a beer pudding! This dessert, prepared using a variety flavoured beers, can be sweet or delightfully savoury, depending on the type of beer base.


Apart from the delicious food, Pastela also offers a wide range of anecdotes and interesting facts about Polish culinary tradition. Upon entering, you will feel right at home - do not be shy and ask about anything and everything. The colorful tales and surprising answers are really worth hearing. On a side note, Pastela is also a small art gallery. You are most welcome to drop by.




Pastela Restaurant & Cafe
23 Lutego 40, 61-744 Poznań
www.pastela.com.pl | tel. + 48 61 8501490 | restauracja@pastela.com.pl