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Pinco Pallino - crazy amore per la cucina italiana

Italian cuisine has always been well liked and popular in Poland. Pasta, risotto and the ubiquitous pizza are a safe choice for every occasion. Throughout almost thirty years our culinary choices have become more and more conscious. Along with access to products, information and free travel, the image of what we call Italian cuisine has changed a lot. On the gastronomic map of Poland there are more and more places serving dishes based on traditional recipes from original Italian products. We are lucky! There are several such places in Poznań and one of them is the extraordinary Pinco Pallino run by chef Margherita Kardaś.

Since the opening of the restaurant in April 2016, Pinco Pallino has quickly gained popularity. The first location on Garbary Street was recommended with a slight disbelief. The inconspicuous restaurant surprised at each and every turn - the atmosphere, quality of products and taste of dishes. Each subsequent visit ensured us that it is a unique place. Following a series of visits, it was time for steaks. T-Bone Fiorentina Tuscan steaks turned out to be fantastic and in our opinion they still challenge other Poznan restaurants specializing in meat dishes. 



In November 2019, the restaurant moved to 24 Wroniecka Street. The first location was associated with so many nice culinary memories that we are still getting used to the new one. However, we are pleased that the restaurant has expanded.


Every small and big advantage of Pinco Pallino is a result of the hard work of chef Margherita Kardaś and her team. Her energy, knowledge, experience and passion create something unique. Pinco Pallino's cuisine is extremely tasty, and the moment you manage to combine eating the specialties served here with meeting Margherita will create a unique experience. In the restaurant it is certainly difficult. In Italian cuisine workshops it's obviously quite simple, and in your own home... possible!



The restaurant offers a very interesting service. You can order a three-course meal with home delivery, which you will cook together with Margherita Kardaś. You have to visit the restaurant website, choose one of several starters, one of the main dishes and a dessert. Weighed and peeled products together with the necessary spices will be delivered to the indicated address together with the recipe and code for the instructional video. From the film you will find out what to do with all this. It is great fun, and what is most important - the result will fill you with pride!


In the slightly more expensive set you will find a bottle of prosecco, and in the premium set you can connect with the chef online in real time. This is a chance to boast about your culinary creation, talk about Italian cuisine and meet the owner.


We tried it! The aromatic ingredients were fresh and of excellent quality. Everything smelled and seduced from the very opening of each box and bag. When choosing the menu we decided to check if we could make cheese bread as an appetizer and chocolate cake for dessert. And risotto, which did not seem so difficult. Attention - we succeeded without any problem! The recipes are simple and polished. The instructions are clear and very user-friendly.The energy of Margherita Kardaś put us in a great mood (or maybe it is also due to prosecco) and took us on a wonderful culinary journey.



In the end, apart from a nice memory of tasty food and good fun, there remained pride in the result. We made an excellent Italian dinner! By ourselves!


The existence of restaurants serving cuisine merely inspired by Italian traditions is a fact and does not evoke any negative emotions. However, it is necessary to distinguish between these popular and well-liked places and restaurants which are very faithful to the culinary tradition of sunny Italy. Only a conscious choice of venue will provide us with complete satisfaction and pleasant memories for many weeks to come.  


Fans of Italian cuisine faithful to tradition and original Italian products are of course cordially invited to Pinco Pallino, but also to Amici Miei restaurant on Rybaki Street and La Bottega on Św. Wojciech Street. This is an excellent beginning of experiments with Italian classics and the atmosphere of the south of Europe. In these places you will eat deliciously and discuss the cuisine. Here, ignorance is accepted with openness and guests' questions are met with understanding and informed answers.



Buon Appetito!



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