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Beer in Poznań

Beer – a beverage most strongly embedded into European history and culinary tradition – is invariably associated with a sense of community and spending time together. The city’s social life revolves around pubs, brasseries and clubs. It is there that friendships are born, music is made and ideas arise. A multiplicity of brands and variants, and the brewers’ impressive offer enable everyone to not only find their own group of friends, but also their own beer.

Upscale pubs, romantic brasseries and cellars, thrilling with their avant-garde atmosphere all have their regulars, but any patron can feel at home there. Connoisseurs in passionate pursuit of new flavors have their own meeting places. It is for them that original products from around the world is imported from around the world and served next to the local beer brands. Take a journey through Poznań’s pubs, brasseries and clubs. Follow the beer trail and meet the fascinating people who create the unique atmosphere of this city.


Lech Visitors Centre - Have you ever wondered how log it takes to make LECH beer? What happens during the process of making the golden drink and what it looks like? What is hidden inside the tanks rising above Szwajcarska 11 in Poznań? All you need to satisfy your curiosity is a visit to Lech Visitors Centre. A tour of the brewery is much different than your usual museum or movie trip. A lot happens here, and it is all happening in front of your very eyes... more ...


Basilium is a young establishment, which in its first year of existence has earned an honourable mention in the “local beers” category. On offer in this cosy place are over 150 kinds of beer from even the most remote regions of Poland. Basilium’s offer is not limited to just beer. A wide selection of wines and fruit juice-based beer cocktails can be found here. It is just a nice background to their beer offer, but it will allow you to enjoy a cold... read more...


Brovaria - The spacious interiors of the tenement building no. 73-74 in Poznań Stary Rynek are a combination of the historical past and the modern present. Hidden inside is a unique brewery, an excellent restaurant and a three-star hotel. Brovaria is an exceptional place – for many reasons. The beer in Brovaria comes from the only restaurant brewery in Poznań, and it is made in three variants: wheat, honey and pils. All beers served in Brovaria are unpasteurized. The guests have a choice of sitting at the modern bar with a view to the square... read more...


SomePlace Else in Sheraton Hotel in Poznań is an ideal place for an evening pint and sports excitement. There are several different beers on the menu, as well as six LCD TVs and one of the largest screens in Poznań. If you value style and quality for which you would be willing to pay a bit extra, SomePlace Else is the place for you. Its assets are undoubtedly the international atmosphere created by hotel guests from all over the globe, good music, professional staff and Tex-Mex cuisine... read more


Centrala Piwna - Speaking of beer, one cannot omit the specialist shops, offering the amber brew from all over the globe, and whose number is increasing in Poznań, to the joy of its beer lovers’ society. One of such establishments is Centrala Piwna, located in the Poznań district of Jeżyce. Over a thousand different beers can be found here, and among them regional novelties, foreign curiosities as well as limited editions and seasonal products.

www.facebook.com/centralapiwna | ul. Mickiewicza 33, 60-834 Poznań





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