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Tartak - homemade tarts and quiches in Taczaka

Tartak, the new lunch bar serving a selection of tarts and quiches, has opened in Taczaka Street at the beginning of September. It has managed to  perfectly complement the already rich offer of this nook of Poznań. Taczaka Street provides Poznań natives and tourists with a wide variety of culinary treats.

Tartak is a family business, run with passion and commitment as well as a casual, friendly atmosphere, where a nice meal can be enjoyed alongside a nice chat about the culinary inspirations of its creators.



A selection of  4 quiches, two of which are vegetarian, and 2 sweet tarts, are on offer daily. The flavors change every day - those very traditional as well as quite experimental. A single portion of the quiche/tart, also known as “klin”, is served with a side of salad. The homemade salad dressing is a nice surprise - another is a separate sauce, served to accompany the dry corner dough of the tart, which is usually what we are left with on the plate. Although “klin” is quite filling, it is absolutely recommendable to have a cup of coffee and a piece of sweet tart after the main meal.



Tartak takes its name from two things - one is a play on the word “tart”, the other is the Polish word for “sawmill” - which inspired the interior design. Do not be surprised to find old wooden shavings, saws and an impressive collection of carpenter tools as part of the warm, wooden interiors. In summer, you can also enjoy your tart outside on cozy, comfy deckchairs.



Taking a trip down Taczaka Street in Poznań can be an excellent culinary experience - and Tartak is just one of the brilliant findings along the way. We are sure you will find something you like.

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