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Springtime in Poznań restaurants

The astronomical spring is finally here! These last truly sunny days have increased the appetites for sunbathing, lazy afternoons spent lounging on comfy park benches and - perhaps most interestingly - the hints of green in restaurant menus. Although market stalls are not yet filled with spring veggies, the appearances of the first spring produce has inspired the chefs and they have put some of those lovely veggies on their restaurants’ plates.

Avocado - ul. Dąbrowskiego 29, Poznań


The winter menus are now fading into oblivion and replaced by the new, fresh, light and very colorful items. It is with great pleasure that we keep discovering more and more restaurants and observing how their menus change and how the individual chefs’ styles evolve in front of our very eyes. A brand new menu is always a new chance to showcase their skills and abilities. What needs to be remembered is that in the kitchen, as in many other parts of life, there are trends and fashions, coming and going depending on the limitless access to information from every corner of the globe.



CUCINA - ul. Wyspiańskiego 26A, Poznań


The very vast competition as well as the highest standards of the served dishes demands that the chefs constantly work to improve their craft. It is with awe that we come to the conclusion that the menu offers on the tables exceed the patrons’ wildest expectations.


Thus, what is the springtime like in Poznań’s many restaurants? It is polished, shipshape and beautifully presented on the loveliest tableware. Lucky for the guests, this is a common, inescapable standard which has to be matched.


Dynx - ul. Ostrówek 12, Poznań


Many of those visiting the restaurants notice something else that is different - shorter menus. Please, do not be alarmed - this is actually a very good sign. A short and sweet menu means freshly prepared dishes, quick and efficient service and more flexibility in terms of seasonal produce assortment. Such construct of the menu showcases the individual style of a given chef in a much more decisive manner. It is a definite advantage in the eyes of those of us who keep rediscovering food, and seek new sensations. For the more traditionalist ones, who steer clear of experimentation - here are two small suggestions: try regional restaurants, serving homely food, and some of the hotel restaurants. They also have some spring, seasonal produce on offer, but do not experiment with them quite as much.

Restauracja Panorama (Hotel HP Park)- ul. A. Baraniaka 77, Poznań


There is not much else left but to go out in the town and seek your own springtime culinary discoveries.

Bon appetit!



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