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Dog hotels in and around Poznań

Leaving for a holiday or a business trip with no one to look after your pet? Luckily, there are places where your dog can receive proper care. Dog hotels offer optimal stay conditions, enclosed yards, company of other dogs, professional care and a stress-free stay.

Psi Domek

Psi Domek provides round-the-clock, year-round dog care. This pet hotel was created with those who have to separate from their dog (due to delegation, holidays, maintenance work at home, wedding etc.) in mind. The primary objective of Psi Domek is ensuring temporary care for dogs entrusted to them.

The hotel is located in Poznań, near the Ławica airport and the Marcelin forest. It offers several rooms, a garden for dogs to run freely and a separate outdoor space “for quiet relaxation”.

ul. Gryfińska 4
Tel. +48 668 899 871




Beta Hotel

The Beta hotel was born out of love for animals. Here, every pet will feel like home! The hotel features a doggy SPA with a special bathing and grooming station. It is equipped with products and tools for bathing, drying and brushing for dogs of different breeds and sizes. You can purchase the service or bathe your dog yourself, avoiding making a mess in your own bathroom.

ul. Kunickiego 34
Tel. +48 794 34 34 34




Psi Zakątek

Born out of love for animals, this pet hotel is a place where every dog is treated like family and can feel like home. Dogs stay in a house together with the hosts and remain under round-the-clock care. They have at their disposal the ground floor of the house, the area of which is 160 m2. Dogs entrusted to the hotel can move around it freely 24/7. During the day, they can also go out into an enclosed yard. The area of the yard is approx. 1500 m2. It is a space where dogs can run free, but also have some rest in the shaded areas. Both in the house and in the yard, dogs are always supervised.

Borówiec near Poznań
ul. Nad Potokiem 44
Tel. +48 601 739 456




Czterołapkowy Hotel

Hotel Czterołapkowy is a place created with dogs’ needs in mind. The hotel is located in a new building with underfloor heating, with separate safe and clean rooms. Dogs have can enjoy eight separate enclosures and over a hectare of fenced play area, all situated in a pastoral landscape close to Poznań, Środa Wielkopolska, Jarocin and Śrem.

Murzynowo Leśne
ul. Tęczowa 40
Tel. +48 607 574 344




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