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The International Ice Sculpture Festival 2017

The International Ice Sculpture Festival  has been held in Poznan for 12 years. Every year it attracts the most renowned artists from all over the world, whose works are admired in the Old Market Square by thousands of Poznan residents and tourists.  This year representatives from countries like Poland, France, Hungary, France, Sweden and even Malaysia will use several tonnes of ice to impress the audience.



The International Ice Sculpture Festival 09-10.12.2017


The 12th edition of the festival will be held during the weekend of 9th to 10th December 2017. At that time in the Old Market Square, the medieval heart of the city, visitors to the event will be able to observe the process of creating the unique sculptures. The event's participants are the most talented artists and world champions in ice sculpture. 





Speed Ice Carving - 9th December, Main Stage - The Old Market Square


The most spectacular competition of the festival. An individual competition for sculptors who have several minutes to copy the model presented to them during the contest. All of them must use identical blocks of ice. The most perfectly reproduced model wins. These sculptures will later adorn the Old Market Square.



Konkurs Główny - 10th December, Old Market Square


Twelve 2-person teams, several tons of ice, free choice of topic. All teams have the whole day to create sculptures of a few cubic meters or so. The contest has its own unique atmosphere, thanks to the exceptional charm of the Old Market Square and the atmosphere of upcoming Christmas. The selection of winners and awards ceremony will be held at the traditional time - in the evening of the second day. 


STIHL POZnan Ice Festival - Michał Mizuła, Samuele Giraults (2 miejsce)






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fot. Marek Zakrzewski