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Moving around the city

Buses and trams run every 12-20 minutes from 4:30am to 11:00pm (day service) and every half an hour from 11 pm. to 4.30am (night service)

Timetibles are available at the webside of the City Transport Company, they can be also viewed by the jakdojade (how do I get to..) application.


The following single tickets are available: for 10 mins and for 40 mins as well as for 24-, 48- and 72 hours. Tickets are available from:

  1. Customer Service Points, Ticket Sale Points (www.ztm.poznan.pl/bilety/sprzedaz-biletow) and in ticket machines in the form of:

- Papierowa Karta Jednorazowa (Single Proximity Card; apart from the 10 min ticket); must be validated in the reader at the entrance to the vehicle.

- traditional paper tickets (till the end of 2014) - to be validated in the ticket puncher in the vehicle.

2. ticket machines in some, specially marked trams and buses

3. drivers on suburban lines.


If you come to Poznań often, you may consider obtaining the PEKA card (find out more from ztm.poznan.pl). With the PEKA card, you use the so-called tPortmonetka application on your card, having previously topped it up at ZTM Customer Service Points, Ticket Sale Points, new stationary ticket machines or online. The fee you pay depends on the number of stops you travel. A season ticket is also available - the shortest period it is available for is two weeks.


The best option for a longer ride through the city or a few day long stay in Poznań is a 24-hours or a 3-days ticket. The other alternative is a Poznań City Card.


Aglomeration of Poznań is divided into 3 tariff zones. Passengers who travel only within the City of Poznań need ticets for zone A.

Tariff zones and agglomeration tickets are valid only in the lines organized by ZTM. These lines are listed HERE. Other bus lines require separate tickets.

The map below shows the district of Poznań where tariff zones are marked (colors: A - green, B - red, C - yellow) and towns crossed by the bus lines organized by ZTM.


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