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Parking in Poznań

In Poznań city center and a part of Jeżyce district a Red paid parking zone (Śródmiejska Strefa Płatnego Parkowania) is in effect.

The other paid parking zones marked blue are:

- Jeżyce - the district Jeżyce in the neighborhood of Poznań International Fair;


- Wilda - between Towarowa and Królowej Jadwigi streets to Hetmańska street;


- Łazarz  - between Bukowska, Reymonta, Hetmańska and Kolejowa streets;


- Zagórze, Ostrów Tumski and Śródka (from 2.11.2021) - obejmująca obszar pomiędzy torami kolejowymi od strony północnej, od wschodu ul. Podwale, od południa ul. Wyszyńskiego do mostu Mieszka I, później rzeką Cybiną i kanałem rzeki Cybiny w kierunku południowym i od zachodu rzeką Wartą.


The limits of its validity are marked by road signs.



Red Paid parking zone is in effect from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm and Saturday between 8am and 6pm. The Blue Parking Zone is in effect from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm. The condition of leaving a vehicle in the zone is paying the fee, whose amount differs depending on the vicinity from the center. The fee can be paid in parking meters or via mobile phone using the MoBilet app. The parking ticket purchased in a parking meter must be placed behind the windscreen of the vehicle.




A vehicle can also be left on paid parking areas, including buffer zones, located mostly on the rim of the paid parking zone. The price of leaving a vehicle in a buffer zone is 3PLN/hour.




The "Park & Ride" car parks are also available to motorists in Poznań. The main idea is to encourage drivers to leave their car on the outskirts of the city and continue their journey by public transport, as well as to allow safe and legal parking outside the city center.





The City of Poznań has alloted special spaces for the purposes of parking tourist buses and coaches.


Paid parking within the parking zone up to 15 minutes (more than 15 minutes: between 8am and 6pm, from Monday till Saturday paid according to parking zone prices; from 6pm till 8am free parking):

- ul. Estkowskiego (on north and south side, between ul. Szyperska and Chwaliszewo) - 6 places
- ul. Stawna, between ul. Żydowska and ul.Szewska - 3 places,
- ul. Ks. Józefa (between. Al. Niepodległości and ul. Św. Wojciecha) - 4 places
- Al. Marcinkowskiego (between pl. Wolności and ul. 23 Lutego, on east and west part - 9 places
- ul. Śniadeckich near International Fair Ground - 3 places


Free parking within the parking zone:

- ul. Panny Marii - 11 places
- ul. Bydgoska, between ul. Gdańska and ul. Podwale - 10 places for visitors of Porta Posnania. During Holidays it can be limited  - please check the availability Tel.: +48 61 64 77 634
- ul. Termalna - 28 places for visitors of the Malta Thermal Baths


Stops (free up to 15 minutes):

- Al. Marcinkowskiego, next to Rzymski Hotel - 1 place,
- ul. Bułgarska, on west part of the road, between ul. Ptasia and ul. Rumuńska - 3 places,
- pl. Adama Mickiewicza


In June, the limites and price list of the paid parking zone will probably change. Follow www.zdm.poznan.pl - paid parking zone

Bus drivers can also leave the bus in one of the paid parkings in the center of Poznań (ul. Przemysłowa 2, ul. Piekary 1, Al. Marcinkowskiego 25 - next to Raczyński Library, ul. Kraszewskiego 28) - www.parkingpoznanglowny.pl.

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