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The eighth edition of Poznań Half Price is upon us! Just as in previous years, between May 2nd and 3rd, come and visit Poznań! A complete, updated list of our partners’ events is available below - and be sure to check our website often, as more events will appear shortly.

Teatr Nowy: Rynek Opowieści Jeżyckich (Jeżyce Story Market)

May 3rd, 2015, 12-4pm, Rynek Jeżycki in Poznań

  • Duration of event: 4 hours
  • Duration of a single story: 10-12 minutes
  • Place: Rynek Jeżycki
  • Admittance: free

This event is under the auspices of Jacek Jaśkowiak, the President of Poznań.

It is easy to comment on the public space from behind theater walls. But what will happen when the show breaks this safe barrier? In October of 2012, the acting troupe associated under the Jeżyce Story. Posłuchaj miasta! (“Jeżyce Story. Listen to the city”) have set out to conquer Rynek Jeżycki, with the aim of seeing exactly what will happen - and the reaction of Poznań residents exceeded their most daring expectations.

This is why, in May, we are setting out once again to meet the residents of one of Poznań’s most beautiful districts at its very heart, to say an official goodbye to the Jeżyce themed theater series. And most of all, to say thank you to all of you - for the inspiration, the support and for being the kindest of neighbours.
On May 3rd, the actors will once again take hold of the market stands from which - just like local hucksters - they will offer to the audience short but sweet and exciting stories of true residents of the world of Jeżyce - rebels, lodgers, players, ladies… Come one, come all!


Event program and other information:: Rynek Opowieści Jeżyckich PZPC 2015


Blue Note Jazz Club: Koncert Moe - Maden/Öktem/Ersönmez (Turcja)
May 2nd, 8PM

ul. Kościuszki 79, 61-891 Poznań | tel. +48 61 851 04 08
e-mail: klub@bluenote.poznan.pl | www.bluenote.poznan.pl


Turkey’s top jazz artists performing modern jazz with fascinating elements of not only Turkish tradition, but also drum’n’bass, punk or noise. This event is also a part of the International Jazz Day.


Admittance: free



Klub Oczy: concerts Me Myself And I (2.05) i Hatbreakers (3.05)

ul. Dominikańska 7a (under Trochę Kultury, entrance from ul. Szewskiej), Poznań



  • May 2nd: Me Myself And I
    Me Myself and I are one of the most distinct groups in the Polish music scene, acclaimed and celebrated for staying true to their own path of sound creation. This is a fascinating, fresh and very popular ensemble, also thanks to appearing in “Poland’s Got Talent”. They have released three records so far. 
    at 5PM: band meet & greet (admittance: free)
    at 7PM: concert (tickets at 25 PLN, 50 PLN)
  • May 3rd: Hatbreakers
    Hatbreakers are known to the wider audience by appearing on TV music shows. In 2012, they were in the semi-finals of the 4th edition of Polish “Must Be the Music”. In 2014, they were finalists of the latest edition of the Polish “X-Factor”. Their own arrangements of popular songs appeased both the jury and the audience.
    at 4PM: band meet & greet (admittance: free)
    at 7PM: concert (tickets at 20 PLN, 40 PLN)

Zamek Culture Centre

ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61-809 Poznań
tel. +48 61 64 65 276 | e-mail:  sekretariat@ckzamek.pl | www.zamek.poznan.pl


Here is a list of events during “Poznań Half Price”:

  • cinema tickets for Nowe Kino Pałacowe at reduced prices
  • World Press Photo tickets at 5 PLN and 6 PLN.


A Tour of Święty Marcin Street (in Polish):

  • 2.05 at 1.30PM / start at Świętego Marcina Church / admittance: free
  • 3.05 at 1.30PM  / start Świętego Marcina Church / admittance: free


A guided tour of the Imperial Castle (in Polish):

  • 2.05 at 12 noon, Hol Wielki / free tickets available from 27.04 at the counter of Centrum Kultury Zamek
  • 2.05 at 12.30PM, Hol Wielki / free tickets available from 27.04 at the counter of Centrum Kultury Zamek
  • 3.05 g. at 12 noon, Hol Wielki / free tickets available from 27.04 at the counter of Centrum Kultury Zamek
  • 3.05 at 12.30PM, Hol Wielki / free tickets available from 27.04 at the counter of Centrum Kultury Zamek


Wydawnictwo Miejskie Posnania (Posnania City Publishing)
ul. F. Ratajczaka 44, 61-728 Poznań
tel. +48 61 851 86 01 | e-mail: wm@wm.poznan.pl | www.wm.poznan.pl


A number of selected publications and souvenirs at a 50% discount will be sold in Salon Posnania in 44, Ratajczaka Street as well as at the Tourist Information Center in Stary Rynek (Old Market Square).



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