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Storing luggage on the Poznań Main Station

If you are on the Poznań Main Station and you need to get rid off your luggage for a minute, you have two options to do that.

In the main hall you will find luggage lockers. They are available 24 hours and located on the level 1 just behind the exchange office. It is the safest way of storing but you need to remember few rules:
Storing time is maximum 72 hours. After that time the bags may be taken away;
Lockers may be used only a few hours or minutes but the payment is still for 24 hours up front;
The machine takes only coins of 1, 2 or 5 zł and does not give a change back;
Storing valuable things like money and electronics is forbidden.
Price list:
(as for may 2018)
small locker   12 zł
large locker    14 zł
skis locker   16 zł
golf locker   16 zł



There is also a possibility of leaving your luggage in the coat room located on level 1 in the shopping mall Avenida which is part of the whole complex.
It operates during opening hours of the shops from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Remember that according to the new law on some Sundays it may be closed.
Price list:
(as for may 2018)
Clothes   3 zł per item
Umbrella   2 zł per item
Big luggage   4 zł per item
Small luggage   3 zł per item

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