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Poznań Audio Guides

Use free audioguides to navigate around Poznań! With audioguides you are free to explore the attractions of the city at your own pace and according to your own plan. Should you get tired of sightseeing, you can always take a break and get some rest, while relishing a St. Martin's Crescent Roll, or sit at a cafe and try delicacies from Poznań restaurants. After that you can get back on the tour.

Audioguides, available as free to download mp3 files. The map with the marked route for the each tour is available below. 

How  does it work?

  1. Download the files
  2. Transfer them onto your mp3 player, mobile phone or other sound player
  3. Embark on an exciting tour across the city


We have prepared four routes:

1. The Oldest Poznań - duration 50 min

fot. fotoportal.poznan.pl

The audioguide titled "The oldest Poznań" is devoted to the oldest sections of the modern Poznań, ranging from the Cathedral Island and the Cathedral to Śródka and Komandoria districts. The Cathedral Island is the cradle of Polish Statehood, while Poznań Cathedral was the first such sanctuary on Polish soil. Here one can definitely feel the spirit of times long past.

You can start your tour on the square in front of the Cathedral. Two options for sightseeing can be chosen: Cathedral Island - Śródka district or Cathedral Island - Chwaliszewo district

The most interesting attraction and places marked by numbers  in the audio guide:

  1. Cathedral
  2. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  3. Lubrański Academy
  4. Statue of Jan Kochanowski
  5. Bridgehead of the Cathedral Island Sluice
  6. Bishop Jordan Bridge
  7. Church of St. Margaret the Virgin
  8. Philippians' Monastery
  9. Church of John of Jerusalem beyond the Walls
  10. Cathedral Island Street
  11. Chwaliszewo Street

Download route >> part I / part II / city map


2. OLD TOWN - duration 50 min

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The "Old Town" audioguide covers the area encompassing the Old Market Square and its environs. The beautiful renaissance Town Hall, historic tenement houses, charming alleys, the plethora of museums and historic venues, cafés, gardens, and people walking by - all provide for a unique atmosphere of this part of the city.

The tour of the Old Town starts in front of Poznań Town Hall to end near the Franciscan Church.

The most interesting attraction and places marked by numbers in the audio guide:

  1. Town Hall
  2. Pillory
  3. Town houses
  4. Museum of Musical Instruments
  5. House of the Wooden Canopy
  6. Górka Family Mansion
  7. Parish Church
  8. Jan Nepomucene Monument
  9. Działyński Family Palce
  10. Guardhouse
  11. Municipal Weighing House
  12. Royal Castle
  13. Franciscan Church

Download route >> part I / part II / city map


3. Nineteenth-century Poznań - duration 50 min 

fot. fotoportal.poznan.pl

The "Nineteenth-century Poznań"audioguide will take you through those monuments and elements of the city which were created under the Prussian partition, i.e. between the 19th Century and the outbreak of World War I. During this period, the Germans, wishing to impose their national character on the city, undertook a number of projects to make Poznań a German-friendly place. Facilities established by them included libraries, museums, and theatres; the early 20th Century saw the erection of the monumental Castle District.

We start the tour at Wolności Square, near the Raczyński Library, and finish it in front of the former Emperor's Castle.

The most interesting attraction and places marked by numbers in the audio guide:

  1. Raczyński Library
  2. National Museum
  3. Bazar Hotel
  4. Arkadia building
  5. University Library
  6. Polish Theatre
  7. Collegium Maius
  8. Great Theatre
  9. Collegium Minus
  10. Imperial Castle

Download route >> part I / part II / city map


4. Following the modernism route - duration 50 min

fot. fotoportal.poznan.pl

"Following the Modernism route" will familiarise tourists with the most admirable elements of pre-war modernist architecture in Poznań. This is one of the few Polish cities that have managed to protect the best and most interesting architectural examples of this type of design.

Setting off from the University Bridge, moving round the Kaponiera Roundabout, we continue the tour until we reach the Old Market Square in front of the 'Arsenał' edifices.

The most interesting attraction and places marked by numbers in the audio guide:

  1. Mercure Hotel
  2. Jowita Student Halls of Residence
  3. Collegium Novum
  4. Alfa shopping and office complex
  5. Televisions
  6. Round House
  7. Book House
  8. Domar Department Store
  9. Buildings of the Arsenał

Download route >> audio files / city map

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