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A walk among the treetops

The second in Poland walking trail among the treetops is ready and its visiting is possible. Check what to remember before you go there!

At the eastern edge of the Lake Malta, in the valley of the Szklarka river, Poznań City Investments set the wooden istallation allowing you to walk among the branches of the trees. Its highest point is 13 meters and the whole footbridge is 250 meters. On the trail you will find small infrastructure like platforms for resting and gastronomical spot and toilet – both closed due to the pandemic.

Also due to pandemic the trail goes only one way and it starts from the side of the Krańcowa street. Going back is possible only around which isn’t very comfortable since the construction is surrounded by the cultivation area. Be preapred for a lot of walking! Also, forget about a bike for now. The footbridge is not really meant for biking.


You don't pay to enter the footbridge. There are no strict opening hours but we can figure that night visit is not the best idea.






As long as the pandemic lasts, the best way to get there is trams no 6 or 8. After getting off at the KRAŃCOWA stop we still have 2 km to walk. The entrance is located from the Krańcowa street. Comfortable shoes are neccessary! White sneakers and heels leave at home, because the valley is more of a forests rather than a park.

After the pandemic you can use bus no 184 and its „KRAŃCOWA I” stop or a car which you can leave at the small parking spot near the bus stop.

We believe that when the pandemic storm ends, this attraction will become one of the must sees of Poznań. In the meantime, enjoy!














Text: Norbert Zieliński

Photos: Norbert Zieliński

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