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Take a trip without leaving your seat

What better than a trip to get to know Poznań’s surrounding areas! If, however, the weather is not suitable for one, how about a virtual walk? The Mosina and Śrem municipalities have prepared such cyber walkabouts.


Click to start Mosina virtual tourMosina is famous for its crystal clear lakes and the major part of the Wielkopolski National Park within its limits. It is home of Rogalin palace - one of the most beautiful and grandiose baronial residencies in Poland. All these, and so much more, can be visited without leaving your home. All it takes is a visit to www.mosina.pl/wirtualnyspacer. The virtual tour begins with the Pożegowo observation tower, and includes several spherical panoramic views of the whole municipal area, completed by sightseeing information, bike route suggestions as well as some sounds of the places visited.



Click to start Śrem virtual tourŚrem offers its virtual tourists the opportunity to visit the town itself as well as its immediate surroundings. The tour begins on the antique water tower, offering a spectacular view of the area. A set of several places is available for a virtual visit, including of course the town square, as well as various landmarks, parks, Grzymisławskie Lake and finally, also modern parts of Śrem with its investment grounds. Each panorama is completed by interesting facts, and accompanying old photographs show how exactly Śrem has changed over the years. All of this, and more, can be found under www.spacer.srem.pl.

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