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Poznan’s film and music festival Transatlantyk starts its course

This summer as each year film and music enthusiasts excitedly await the fourth edition of Poznań’s Transatlantyk Festival. World-class film and music come together thanks to film masterminds, fans and supporters. Transatlantyk festival is an artistic form that builds a bridge between the different art forms revolving around film, the festival is considered to be brave, groundbreaking and glocal!

Glocal – refers to  a product or concept that is without doubt local in its meaning and effect, its local roots are clear however due to its influence and context is also often interpreted as global.





During the whole week of the festival. Festival participants will have the chance to watch up to 120 films divided into 16 different areas, so indeed no matter what genre or topic you are interested in, you will surely find your right kind of entertainment.
You’ll get the chance to enjoy both award-winning films as well as so called niche and alternative films. Very often Transatlantyk is the only chance you’ll get to watch certain films. Transatlantyk festival cooperates with both Berlinale and Sundance making it truly worth the while.
Some of the Transatlantyk top favorites are: B class films, the culinary film selection and/or bed films (watching films in beds located within in the city) new suggestions for this year are Transatlantyk for kids or mama movies.




Transatlantyk is also all about music. Participants are able to take part in both workshops as well as music competitions. The Transatlantyk Film Music Competition aims at finding talented composers who are sensitive to music. The Transatlantyk Instant Composition Contest searches for artists who work with and create the bond between sound and picture. A further interesting part worth attending is the Talking Piano – a meet and greet with different composers and film music specialists.
Popular workshops are also Master Classes & Silent Disco.


Building awareness


A broader mission of Transatlantyk is to build viewer awareness during workshops and group discussions. Such get-togethers are often lead by notable film personalities. Transatlantyk Inspirations becomes a platform allowing the exchange of ideas and different viewpoints. Transatlantyk Inspiration touches on important and current affairs while presenting both documentary and feature films. Probably the most important feature of Transatlantyk Inspirations is the fact that absolutely anyone can get a chance to express their mind, heart and soul.
The founder and mastermind behind Transatlantyk is Jan A. P. Kaczmarek, who received an Oscar in 2005 for the superb music to the film „Finding Neverland”, 2005

For the full festival time plan please visit: www.transatlantyk.org

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020