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Vote for Poznań

Poznań was the only Polish city among the 20 European locations chosen to compete for the “European Best Destination 2019”.

The competition is organised since 2009 by European Best Destinations - a Brussels based organisation promoting tourism and culture all over Europe. They work closely with the EU-supported EDEN project (European Destinations of Excellence) which maintains the development of modern, well-balanced tourism all over the European Union.
20 locations will compete for the title of the most visit-worthy destination in 2019. Half of them are Europe’s most popular destinations, and the other 10 have been selected by the organisers themselves and they have invited the top locations and those with most mentions on social media. Poznań is in the final 20 - and the only Polish city on the list.
Maximilien Lejeune, the head of European Best Destinations, had no doubts about including Poznań - he says it is among the fastest growing European cities in terms of popularity: it is one of the most photographed and commented destinations. Why? Because it is one of a kind. It has exactly what travellers seek: authenticity, a warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as the sense of security and the freshness of a city full of students.
Mayor Jacek Jaśkowiak is of the same opinion: - Poznań has been a top destination for years. It is no longer and assumptions, it is fact. Poznań is an excellent place to visit by the new generation of travellers - young people who travel frequently but only choose visit-worthy spots. They come to Poznań for a reason - our city has just been named the best Erasmus destination. It is also in the finale of European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019, and now it is competing for the title of European Best Destination. These things don’t happen by accident.
The competition organisers acknowledged Poznań’s cultural events, great bars and restaurants, and exceptional architecture - a mixture of tradition and modernity. They also consider Poznań to be a city ready to tackle the challenges of environmental protection.


How to vote?


The winning city will be chosen in an online vote which starts on January 15th, 2019 and conclude on February 2nd. Voting can be done via the website: www.europeanbestdestinations.com/european-best-destinations-2019.
The 15 cities with the most votes will be promoted all throughout 2019 on European Best Destinations - Europe’s most visited tourism related website. The evidence of the effectiveness of this promotion is the actual growth in tourist numbers in all previous participant cities (in Zadar even 25%).
Everyone can support their chosen city in the competition. All you have to do is record a video, take a photo or share the information about the rivalry on social media using the hashtag #voteforPoznan or  #glosujnaPoznan

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