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Lavish St Nick's Day

Poznań celebrates St Nicholas' Day (December 6th) with a whole bag full of treats.  There will be something special this year for all lovers of horses, handicrafts and... robots


Cavaliada (fot. www.cavaliada-poznan.pl)

December 5th on the grounds of Poznań International Fair will mark the beginning of Cavaliada - one of Poland's most important events for horse lovers. Fans of palfreys of all stripes come to Poznań on this day to join and cheer the competitions. This year, the event introduces a special guest - Gyuli Mészáros, the famous Hungarian trainer, known as "the horse whisperer". Cavaliada will last until December 8th.

Robo-Mikołajki (fot. www.starybrowar5050.com)Also at the Poznań International Fair, at least some of the doubts about what to get your family and friends for Christmas will hopefully be resolved. Between the 6th and 8th of December, an Arts and Artistic Objects Festival is taking place - a little piece of heaven for the lovers of handicrafts and all kinds of trinkets and knick-knacks.

For those who bet on modernity, and especially for kids who do, St Nick's Robotics Workshops will be the place to be. On December 6th and 7th, between 12 and 6 on the checker in Stary Browar you will be able to build a robo-Nick, cheer the robot races, admire a 2.5 meter high robot which changes color and participate in many competitions. Admission is free.
This winter's beginning will be hot.

Photo: festiwal.mtp.pl, www.cavaliada-poznan.pl, fotportal.poznan.pl

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