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Poznań Baroque

Poznań Baroque – Early Music in New Forms: Traditional, Less Traditional and Completely Unexpected. Current 4th edition will take place from 5th to 15th November, but the last performence will be on 9th December.

Poznań Baroque festival was first held in 2011 to honour the Polish presidency of the EU Council and has become an event related to early music which is significant in Poznań, in Poland and in the world. Our plan is for Poznań Baroque to become a festival which, taking into account its form, can happen only here. It is thanks to the place where it is held and the people who take part in it. Therefore, we choose repertoires for which there is not always space at festivals focusing on larger musical forms. When we choose music that is popular, we try to show it from a different, sometimes even a radically different point of view. We also believe that it is worth taking a closer look at the way how, after a few decades of the domination of early instruments, European music is understood by performers playing contemporary instruments. We would like Poznań Baroque to be perceived as an event which not only recycles what has been known about Early music for years, but also, above all, as an event which supports new ideas of both young and mature musicians. They are the ones who take intriguing and risky artistic challenges. Poznań Baroque is a festival which would like to follow its own way, and, through the past, look into the future.  


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