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The Eurorally 2017 in Poznań

The Eurorally 2017 - a rally for enthusiasts of travel and automotives from all over Europe - finds its way to Poznań for the very first time. On May 26th and 27th, the streets of the city will fill with all kinds of vehicles - from the classic Volvo to the state-of-the-art Ferrari.



The Eurorally is a rally through cities in Europe and its route and length changes with each edition. The organizers make sure that going via various cities is as exciting for the rallyists themselves as it is for the local residents, therefore the center of each town and city hosts a presentation of all the participating vehicles.





The Eurorally 2017 presents around 75 vehicles in various categories - from old timey classics to real sporty beasts such as the Ferrari or the Nissan GTR. The event participants come mainly from Norway - they are between 18 and 60 years of age, joint by a common passion for automotives.





This year, the rally starts in Sarpsborg in Norway and finishes in Hamburg, Germany. On they way, the participants and their magnificent vehicles will visit Karlskrona, Gdynia, Gdansk and Poznań. The main auto show in the capital of Wielkopolska will take place on May 27th at midday at INEA Stadium.





Organizatorzy na podstawie doświadczeń z poprzedniego rajdu są pewni, że uczestnicy zakochają się w Polsce. Obydwa miasta Gdańsk i Poznań mają bowiem piękne stare miasto, przyjaznych ludzi i pełne atrakcji nocne życie.



The Eurorally 2017 in Poznan:

Saturday 27th of May– midday – 1pm – presentation of vehicles and start-off for Hamburg.


Our recommendation is to definitely see the presentation of the participating vehicles on Saturday, May 27th at midday at INEA Stadium - the parking spot by the locomotive.

For more information, check out: www.euro-rally.com , FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.




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