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International Fair for everyone

Poznań is a city that over the years has become known for its international fairs, organized for different business sectors. Already during the middle ages Poznań was a an important trade city where merchants from all over Europe would meet.  

PEWUKAOne of the first events that resembled the international fairs in what they are today, was held in 1911 on the corner of the 2 streets: Roosvelta & Bukowska. The aim of the event was to promote and show off the achievements of German technology, industry and agriculture. The next influential event was organized in 1929, the goal of this event was to promote the achievements Poland & Poznań had made in the past 10 years of liberty and freedom.   
Poznań has always tried to have a reputation of a business friendly city, the investments the city commits itself to have helped Poznań International Fairs to grow and become the leader within Eastern Europe in organizing mass events & fairs.     
It is worth noting that many of the events organized do not have a strictly business character and do not limit their public only to entrepreneurs but are open events and touch on topics that might be of interest to many.



1. Arena Design

Arena DesignWhen? February


Arena Design is a perfect event for those who want to keep in touch and be up to date with the newest trends presented by polish and word designers. Similar events are organized in Milan and/or Berlin.


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2. Motor Show i Air Passion

Motor ShowWhen? March


Motor Show & Air Passion are two parallel events that will accelerate your heartbeat and get your adrenaline going. During these events get ready be amazed by what the automotive industry has to offer.


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3. Beauty Vision

Beauty VisionWhen? April


Beauty Vision is surely one of those events meant mainly for the ladies. Attending it one can find out about all of the newest tips and tricks the beauty industry has to offer. Also you can receive little treatments – making you shine from head to toe.


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4. Fit Expo

Fit ExpoWhen? May


Fit Expo takes place in May. This event will allow you to find out about the newest fitness trends, just in time to get into shape before the summer.


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5. Poznań Fashion Fair

Fashion FairWhen? September


Poznań Fashion Fair is quite an interesting fashion event, during which the latest fashion trends get presented. Additionally you can attend various fashion shows and/or meets and greets with designers.


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6. Smaki regionów (Regional tastes & flavors)

Smaki RegionówWhen? September


Smaki Regionów is an event that all foodies should jot into their calendars. During this event you’ll be able to enjoy an extraordinary number of tastes and flavors all from different regions or Poland. Many of the presented products are prepared according to traditional polish recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. Of course if you are professionally involved with the food industry don’t hesitate to stop by.


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7. Poznań Sport Fair

Sport FairWhen? October


Poznań Sport Fair is yet another event for those who like to stay in shape. During the event you’ll get a chance to check out the newest fitness equipment available on the market, talk to personal trainers and find the sport/ physical activity that suits you best.


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8. Tour Salon

Tour SalonWhen? October


Tour Salon is an event for those who love travelling and/or are in any way involved with the hospitality industry. If you’re about to plan your holidays and haven’t decided on where to go you just have to attend. Those interested in hospitality from the professional point of view can find out about the newest trends for their business.


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9. Poznań Game Arena, Hobby, Aqua Zoo, Happy Baby

Poznań Game ArenaWhen? October


Poznań Game Arena, Hobby, Aqua Zoo, Happy Baby – all of these events take place at the same time and promise loads of fun & entertainment, making them quite popular with the broad public, especially with kids.


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10. Festiwal Sztuki i Przedmiotów Artystycznych

Festiwal Sztuki i Przedmiotów ArtystycznychWhen? December


The Arts and Crafts Festival takes place in December making it the perfect moment to stock up on original Christmas presents. Many of the works presented are handmade and one of a kind pieces.


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